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Belarus loses right to host ice hockey world championship 🏒 Move by organisers follows sponsor concerns about protests against President Lukashenko - in @FT 

Nivea won't let Belarus President Lukashenko sportswash his repression and refusal to allow a fair election. If the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship is held in Belarus, Nivea refuses to sponsor it.

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Ukrainian police have visited an undisclosed EU state to collect fresh evidence on a potential Belarusian link and in particular Belarus president Lukashenko himself to the murder of one of eastern Europe's best-known journalists, Pavel Sheremet.

Belarus President Lukashenko promises constitutional reform by the end of 2021 but many see a stalling tactic--an effort to ride out persistent protests against a stolen election and his dictatorial rule.

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Belarus' #Lukashenko  compares being president to being 'a squirrel in a wheel, it is impossible to stop'

Belarus President Lukashenko stopped everyone he thought was a serious candidate from running against him. He let Svetlana Tikhanovskaya run because, as she puts it, "They were sure I was a nobody." Big mistake. She ended up leading a pro-democracy surge.

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Belarus' president Alexander Lukashenko presided over a gala ball for young people at the independence palace in Minsk on Tuesday evening.

Reporters were caught up in the mass arrests that followed the disputed reelection of President Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus.

At this week's Sunday protest, Belarus demonstrators released balloons representing their dreams for democracy despite the efforts of President Lukashenko to puncture them and maintain his dictatorship.

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What do Milosevic in Serbia (2000) Yanukovich in Ukraine (2004) Lukashenko in Belarus (2020) & Trump (2020) have in common? They're all leaders who tried to #OVERTURN  the will of the people as expressed in free & fair elections. So shameful that a U.S. president is on this list.

Belarusians are protesting the election of Alexander Lukashenko, who has been president of Belarus since 1994 and has been called "Europe's last dictator." Protesters were met with tear gas, rubber bullets and batons.

"This is what elections in Belarus look like." Clashes between police and protesters erupted in Minsk after Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko claimed a sweeping victory for a 6th term. More @business : #Минске #Беларуси

Thousands of people protested against President Aleksandr Lukashenko in Belarus on Sunday. He has indicated repeatedly that he has no intention of succumbing to pressure from the streets. “Until you kill me, there will not be any more elections,” he said.

LOOK: Aerial footage caught the main square near the Government House in Belarus, where protesters are expected to demonstrate against President Alexander Lukashenko

This is what the protests in Belarus — perhaps the largest demonstration in the country's history — looked like on Sunday as tens of thousands turned out to oppose President Alexander G. Lukashenko. Read the latest.

Workers at Belarus’ MAZ truck factory - perhaps it’s most famous export - chant “leave” and call for new elections. This is President Lukashenko’s base. The ground must not feel so firm below his feet anymore. #Belarus 

Incumbent authoritarian President Aleksander Lukashenko claims 79.7 percent of the vote in Belarus after a campaign marked by protests and intimidation

Held extensive talks on deepening cooperation with Belarus with President Alexander Lukashenko.