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“The explosion didn’t discriminate. But after the explosion we experienced the discrimination.” Syrian refugees in Lebanon say the Beirut port blast has left them with even less sympathy among Lebanese.

The crisis in Lebanon has been worsened by the Aug. 4 explosion at Beirut’s port caused by the detonation of thousands of tons of ammonium nitrates.

The mysterious explosion comes seven weeks after the massive explosion at Beirut port.

Lebanon on Thursday unveiled a compensation programme for the thousands of homes and businesses devastated by the August 4 mega-blast at Beirut's port

Lebanese official says 49 ‘dangerous’ containers still at Beirut’s port #vanguardnews 

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Lebanese official says 49 'dangerous' containers still at Beirut’s port

An image captured by @AP  photographer @HassanAmmar5  shows a dust-covered girl carried against a man's shoulder, a gash bleeding from her forehead. The image has come to symbolize the devastation of the Aug. 4 blast at the Beirut port, @zkaram  reports.

Behind the haunting image captured by @AP  photographer @HassanAmmar5  in the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion is a Syrian family that fled poverty and war only to face tragic loss and devastation, @zkaram  reports.

#LIVE  : Saudi Arabia's King Salman says Beirut port blast occurred as a result of #Hezbollah  ’s “hegemony” over decision-making process in Lebanon by force of arms #UNGA  #UN75 

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‘The port came to us’: An image captured by an @AP  photographer showing a dust-covered girl carried against a man’s shoulder came to symbolize the devastation of the Aug. 4 Beirut blast. Here’s the story of the family behind it. By @zkaram  @HassanAmmar5 


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Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Dramatic video shows a massive explosion near Beirut's port that caused destruction to homes miles away. Dozens have been killed and thousands are believed to be injured, officials say.

This is the moment an explosion occurred in the Lebanese capital Beirut. The explosion appeared to be centred around the city's port area containing warehouses and rippled through several areas of the capital. Get the latest on this story here:

JUST IN: Governor of Beirut says three hundred thousand people have been left homeless due to port blast

BREAKING: Large explosion rocks Beirut as smoke rises from Lebanon's port area.

My God. Lebanon economy collapsing and now this massive explosion. Beirut port (and a lot more, from the looks of it) utterly destroyed. Can’t imagine the human toll we are going to see.

JUST IN: Lebanese sources report that the welding of a door caused sparks which ignited 2,700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which caused explosion at Beirut Port earlier today.

Beirut port, before and after the explosion. 100+ dead 4000+ injured

BREAKING: A large explosion struck Beirut, Lebanon, shattering windows. The cause is unknown but security forces say it happened in a port warehouse area. Several people are reported wounded, casualties are unknown.

JUST IN: Lebanese sources report 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded at Beirut Port earlier today