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Assuming it is found to be an accident, the Beirut explosion is going to destroy Lebanon’s insurance industry, which is linked to its ailing banks, which cannot get their hands on enough $ to make payments that are worth anything.

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This is really bad; it is an absolute trope that explosions in the Middle East have to be caused by terrorists and a conspiracy theory to suggest the Beirut explosion was anything other than an accident. This ought to have been identified as bigotry.

The Beirut explosion "was an accident only in name. Storing, against repeated warnings, more than 2,750 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate for nearly 7 years...near a densely populated area [was] asking for a catastrophe to happen." -- @CrisisGroup 

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Defense Secretary Mark Esper says "most believe" Beirut explosion "was an accident" after President Trump claimed it was an attack

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ICYMI: “How can you say accident? Somebody left some terrible explosive type devices and things around, perhaps, perhaps it was that. Perhaps it was an attack,” Trump said Wednesday at a White House news conference of deadly Beirut explosion

Beirut Explosion Looks Like An Accident — And A Sign Of The Country's Collapse : NPR

Hassan Nasrallah, in remarks now, attacking those who claim that Hezbollah was involved in the Beirut explosion. So far he has raised the possibility that it was an accident or a foreign attack without weighing in either way.

Esper says 'most believe' Beirut explosion 'was an accident' after Trump claimed it was an attack (CNN)

Esper says that “most believe” a massive explosion in Beirut, Lebanon was “an accident."

@EsperDoD  said the U.S. was still gathering information about the Beirut explosion, but said most believe “it was an accident, as reported.”


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Good morning President@realDonaldTrump  - you told the world yesterday the Beirut explosion was a bomb attack. Can you tell us what evidence you have for that statement as the Lebanese are saying it was an accident? The repercussions of your claim are obviously enormous.

Bomb disposal expert, Ben Remfry says he believes the explosion in Beirut is an 'accident, an unplanned detonation of a large amount of ammonium nitrate and other chemicals'. #KayBurley  Read more:

U.S. defense secretary says "most believe" Beirut explosion was an accident

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that "most believe" that the explosion in Beirut "was an accident, as reported," despite President Trump's claim a day prior that it was an attack

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday that most officials believe the deadly explosion in Beirut this week was "an accident," just hours after President Donald Trump called it an attack

The explosion in Beirut was likely an accident, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said contradicting Trump who claimed it was caused by an attack.

Trump: Beirut Explosion Not An Accident — ‘It Was A Bomb Of Some Kind’

Pres Trump says some US Generals he consulted "seem to think" the explosion in Beirut "was an attack." They seem to think "it was a bomb of some kind," he said, and not the result of a manufacturing accident.