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Highly-indebted property developer China Evergrande beseeched officials to approve its reverse-merger plan. Although the company later said the letter was fabricated, questions in it regarding systemic risk are real for investors and Beijing. Yawen Chen explains

Flying cars and face masks. Welcome to the Beijing Auto Show, the world's only major car show in 2020 due to the #coronavirus  pandemic. @TomMackenzieTV  shows us highlights. More @business :

After threatening to ban the Chinese app TikTok, Trump blessed a deal that likely benefits Beijing Those of you who think Trump has been getting the best of Xi Jinping must read this article. Trump gets beat again.

One million people have now died from #COVID19 , just over six months after the disease was declared a pandemic. Sky's @chesh  has the latest from Beijing. Read more:

Featuring 20 China's national first-class actors, the opera show is live-streamed in Beijing's Summer Palace for three nights in a row starting from Monday. more pics:

▶ 📊 📈 THAILAND Weibo parent Sina to delist US stocks in $2.6 bn deal: BEIJING: Chinese internet giant Sina Corp, the parent company of the country's vast Twitter-like Weibo platform, plans to delist its US shares and go private, making it the latest…

Chinese internet giant Sina Corp - owner of Twitter-like Weibo - plans to delist its US shares and go private, making it the latest to withdraw from the country's stock markets as relations between Beijing and Washington sour

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Moderate lawmakers favored remaining in the chamber to keep the government in check. But younger ones had increasingly called for a collective boycott to protest against the Beijing-appointed government, triggering heated debate.

#Headlines watch: Bloomberg: - Beijing Auto Show "shows China's success in beating back the virus" - "The world's bigges #COVID19  market since 2009, China can still grow because of its relatively low car penetration and rapidly expanding middle class"

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A senior Chinese official enlisted the help of a top Republican fundraising official to lobby the Trump administration in 2017 to return a Chinese businessman living in the U.S. who has long been sought by Beijing, according to a court document

I will be signing our very large and comprehensive Phase One Trade Deal with China on January 15. The ceremony will take place at the White House. High level representatives of China will be present. At a later date I will be going to Beijing where talks will begin on Phase Two!

The brutal purpose of Beijing’s so-called “national security” law is to frighten, intimidate & suppress the speech of Hong Kongers. All freedom-loving people must come together to condemn this law, which signals the death of the “one country, two systems” principle.

This is very simple. #HongKong  autonomy is the reason the U.S. treats it differently than mainland #China . If Beijing moves to take away autonomy there is no longer any rationale for special treatment.

Congress must pass the #HongKong  Human Rights & Democracy Act to support these brave protesters & send a message to Beijing that America will not stand for the Chinese Communist Party attempting to crush this movement for basic rights. #StandWithHongKong 

The violence from Beijing’s puppets in #HongKong  continues to grow. Our hearts go out to the brave pro-democracy fighters as they mourn the passing of one of their own. His family and friends deserve the truth. There should be a full & open investigation.

Olympics  RecordBeijing 2008 100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? London 2012 100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? #Rio2016   100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? #Gold 

“After many years, the United States is finally waking up to Beijing’s plans and ambitions to pass us as the dominant economic & military superpower in the 21st Century. What’s happening now is that the U.S. is finally responding (thank you President Trump). This is taking.....

“Today, the United States Senate sent a clear message to Hong Kongers fighting for their long-cherished freedoms: we hear you, we continue to stand with you, and we will not stand idly by as Beijing undermines your autonomy." — Sen. Marco Rubio PASSED ✅

Michael Phelps' final Olympic medal count: • 6 in Rio • 6 in London • 8 in Beijing • 8 in Athens

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