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Australia publicly condemned China and the nation was incensed. Now, Beijing has unleashed a torrent of abuse, labelling us “evil” and “meddling”.

Politico: "Despite repeated pledges to create a more balanced economic playing field with China, the EU has ultimately taken a softer approach to Beijing's subsidies in a trade deal…than it did toward Britain in the post-Brexit accord."

Shares in #Xiaomi  collapsed on Friday after the US blacklisted the #smartphone  giant and a host of other Chinese firms as the #Trump  administration aims to cement its trade war legacy against Beijing#USChinaTradeWar 

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The US government imposes targeted sanctions on six Hong Kong and Chinese officials for implementing Beijing's new "national security" law in Hong Kong, most recently in the mass arrests of pro-democracy activists.

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Chinese mainland reported 130 newly confirmed #COVID19  cases, of which 115 were locally transmitted and the rest arrived from outside the mainland. Of the locally transmitted cases, 90 were reported in Hebei, 23 in Heilongjiang, and two in Beijing

On Friday, the Chinese mainland reported: - 130 new #COVID19  cases: 115 domestically transmitted cases (90 in Hebei, 23 in Heilongjiang, 2 in Beijing) - 1113 active cases in total, including 38 in critical condition - 79 new asymptomatic cases: 24 from overseas

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Beijing’s cyber bullies fail to intimidate and silence Vicky Xu, as YouTube is criticised for hosting grubby videos.

Military and technology cooperation between Beijing and Moscow is growing. "To see two of your biggest adversaries all of a sudden linking arms... that's very concerning," says a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

In Beijing, growing fears of a second wave have led to ever-tighter rules. But China's virus controls are rarely criticised, even in private


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The sweeping arrests of pro-democracy demonstrators are an assault on those bravely advocating for universal rights. The Biden-Harris administration will stand with the people of Hong Kong and against Beijing’s crackdown on democracy.

Obama at event for Biden: “can you imagine if I had a secret Chinese bank account? ... They’d call me Beijing Barry.”

Biden is wrong, the Trump administration did press the Chinese government to allow U.S. CDC representatives into Wuhan. Beijing refused.

I will be signing our very large and comprehensive Phase One Trade Deal with China on January 15. The ceremony will take place at the White House. High level representatives of China will be present. At a later date I will be going to Beijing where talks will begin on Phase Two!

This is very simple. #HongKong  autonomy is the reason the U.S. treats it differently than mainland #China . If Beijing moves to take away autonomy there is no longer any rationale for special treatment.

Congress must pass the #HongKong  Human Rights & Democracy Act to support these brave protesters & send a message to Beijing that America will not stand for the Chinese Communist Party attempting to crush this movement for basic rights. #StandWithHongKong 

Olympics  RecordBeijing 2008 100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? London 2012 100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? #Rio2016   100 ? 200 ? 4x100 ? #Gold 

“After many years, the United States is finally waking up to Beijing’s plans and ambitions to pass us as the dominant economic & military superpower in the 21st Century. What’s happening now is that the U.S. is finally responding (thank you President Trump). This is taking.....

“Today, the United States Senate sent a clear message to Hong Kongers fighting for their long-cherished freedoms: we hear you, we continue to stand with you, and we will not stand idly by as Beijing undermines your autonomy." — Sen. Marco Rubio PASSED ✅

Michael Phelps' final Olympic medal count: • 6 in Rio • 6 in London • 8 in Beijing • 8 in Athens

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