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Is the coronavirus finally loosening its grip on the regional economy? This Economy Matters article discusses the latest Beige Book report on economic conditions in the region.

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Fed FRED merch selling so fast that it will get a mention in next month's Beige Book

This is just the past 2 days. Are things getting a tad too good here? Retails sales +9.8% vs +5.5% Claims 576k vs 700k, lowest since March '20 Empire State 26.3 vs 22 Philly Fed 50.2 vs 42 JPM beat by 49% GS beat by 85% WFC beat by 54% beige book'>Strongest Beige Book since late '05

Beige Book: Consumer spending reports in the Eighth District indicate a high degree of sales volatility stemming from federal aid to households and low retail inventories

Beige Book: Contacts across many sectors in the Eighth District continued to cite ongoing supply chain difficulties, such as sourcing imported inputs; however, some contacts reported improvements in domestic supply chains

Wednesday Bill Barry TT Roundtable with Jane Gallina and me now in podcast form: …Episode 22 on US equities runaway and 'therapeutics' poss. key role, Beige Book, US DOLLAR, CRUDE OIL, Big CRYPTO View. ALSO still original video:

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Beige Book from Minneapolis Fed: Several workforce contacts suggested that employers might be delaying wage hikes in hopes of a surge of newly vaccinated job seekers. "Why start raising wages when a lot of labor might be coming back?" h/t @atanzi 

Beige Book: Contacts reported that economic conditions in the Eighth District have moderately improved since the previous report


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The Beige Book — economics by talking to people — is one of the Fed's more interesting institutions. It seems especially useful now, when conventional economic measures are having a hard time dealing with crazy times 1/

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JUST IN: China's manufacturing sector contracted to the lowest level on record. Earlier in the week, China Beige Book's Leland Miller gave us eye-opening numbers about the business standstill in that country.

Part 2!Takeaway:The big Bible book w the beige brocade bookmark has binding...Brilliant! #shamelessalliteration 

JUST IN: Federal Reserve's Beige Book says U.S. economy continued to expand in recent weeks

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Economic Report Card Fed Beige Book My summary and why we should feel great about the economy and stock market- cheerleader is great but I can only hope folks are taking advantage -

Economic Success = Same Tide Lifts All Ships I know some people will hate this but I just finished the beige book'>Fed Beige Book and its so upbeat and optimistic. The economy is helping everyone. Felons and drug users are getting jobs and businesses teaming up with colleges for job training

Breaking Economic News: Some many job openings Fed 'Beige Book' report shows economic performance in every region. St. Louis some local employers have begun relaxing drug-testing standards and reducing restrictions on hiring convicted felons in order to alleviate labor shortages.

Aides say that President Bush 41, known for his wildly festive socks, is paying tribute to his wife today by wearing what he calls his “book socks.” They are described as beige with brightly colored images of books signifying Barbara Bush's life long advocacy of literacy.