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‘26 GET IN!!! A beautiful play by @PaigeeQuinn  down the wing and a finish by b @100Purcentrings  us level!!! 2-2 #NJNYvsNCPresented  by @Avaya 

“I hope they know heaven gained the most beautiful souls ever known.” 💔

Is there anything more beautiful than an #Iowa  sunset? This one was captured through the Nomade sculpture at the Pappajohn Sculpture Park. ⛅️

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@gloria_purvis  @NR_InstituteI  @SheenCentert’s so beautiful to get to really talk from a faith perspective, not ideological silos, as Pope Francis puts it

More #SquawkPod : It is a beautiful day in #NYC , but homeowners here, and around the country, likely saw their property taxes jump. Our @robtfrank  reports how much more Americans are paying and who’s feeling the most 🏠 pain LISTEN NOW:

“It's a beautiful country we have and yet it's not beautiful when we condemn, call people names and scare people about immigration,” Bush said Tuesday. Do you agree with the former president's remarks?

So beautiful when she sleeps... 😍🥲

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As I said before, the 0.000001% of Negatoliets make me so appreciate the 99.999999% of my beautiful followers. Thank you Negatoilets for making me feel grateful!

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Centuries ago the musical alarm clock was an impressive piece of new technology, responsible for much more than simple keeping time. It was used in conflict, displays of piety and to showcase beautiful tunes (Counterpoint via ) @RadioNational 

6:30PM Tuesday: Beautiful forecast for next couple of days!


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Wow! Michigan just refused to certify the election results! Having courage is a beautiful thing. The USA stands proud!

The United States just spent Two Trillion Dollars on Military Equipment. We are the biggest and by far the BEST in the World! If Iran attacks an American Base, or any American, we will be sending some of that brand new beautiful equipment their way...and without hesitation!

It’s such a major part of our lives and always will be. Cheers to US today boys and thank you to all you beautiful people who have supported us over the last 10 years. @LiamPayne  @Harry_Styles  @zaynmalik  @Louis_Tomlinson  ❤️ #10YearsOfOneDirection 

We’ll always remember you Rosebowl. ARMY, We’re so beautiful and shined brighter than anyone else. We promise that we’ll come back. Thank U ?? 고마워요 아미 ??

Never been more happy in my life ! Thank you to everyone that has been so lovely about my engagement to my beautiful fiancé ! Big love z X

Such a beautiful and important evening! The forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. We will all come together as never before

what makes you so beautiful is that you dont know how beautiful you are... to me

The fact that Trump has lifted President Obama's ban on elephant trophies being imported into the country is a devastating blow to the survival of these beautiful animals. It's savage and pointless. It breaks my heart.

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“I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me, with my kind of skin and my kind of hair, was never considered to be beautiful. I think it is time that that stops today. I want children to look at me and see my face and I want them to see their faces reflected in mine." ??

Media showing this???? I bet you they’re not. 🤦🏾‍♂️! You know why, cause this is unity, peaceful, beautiful and love!