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The White House said President Joe Biden will sign an executive order calling for a review of the boundaries of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments, which former President Donald Trump shrank .

Even the perma bears are bullish. 😳

Authorities are warning NSW residents to prepare themselves as a severe to extreme heatwave bears down on the state, bringing four days of searing temperatures ☀🥵

President Donald Trump's pardons included Casey Urlacher, the brother of Chicago Bears Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher and mayor of Mettawa, who was charged with running an illegal gambling business.​

As expected, President Joe Biden said he'll have the US Department of Interior conduct a review of the boundaries for Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments.

President Biden signs Executive Order on Bears Ears and Grand Staircase, Utah delegation opposes

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I am ok. My staff is ok. This is an insurrection. And President Trumpbears responsibility. It will not succeed. It will not stop us from doing the work of democracy. It will not stop the transfer of power. Those responsible will be held accountable.

Anyone who voted for this tragic shitty narcissist mess of a president bears responsibility for this debacle today. He has shown you exactly who he was all along. You still supported him. You are complicit in the attempted destruction of the country. You are not a patriot.

Breaking: Bears bankrupted and turned to stripping for money:

The amount of red gummy Bears in this packet saddens me ..

I pray that tomorrow in Tulsa there is no violence. I pray it doesn’t lead to a further spike in illness. But make no mistake. President Trumpbears responsibility for whatever happens. He is provoking and inciting a confrontation with glee.

Really sick to watch the Fake and totally Slanted News(?) coming out of MSDNC and CNN. It bears NO relationship to the Truth or Facts. They are merely offshoots of the DNC, much like the @nytimes  and the Amazon@washingtonpost . Just like 2016, but worse. Sad, but we will win big!

"When scientists say bears are going extinct, I want people to realize what it looks like," says photographer Paul Nicklen

We can't shrug off Trump's attacks on the press. Ever. They're undemocratic and invite, even incite, violence. This bears repeating. It demands repeating. Last night 's faced down a hostile crowd. Support from his colleagues, competitors, and general public is a must.