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Trump's top economic advisers were Goldman's president and Bear Stearns' old top economist. Biden is considering the head of a $1.2 trillion investment giant and an exec at the world's biggest asset manager. As @jeffhauser  says, "It's Larry Fink's world"

"High Court Won't Hear Dispute Over Bear Stearns MBS Sale" @law360 

Younger people: chill wants to explain that 12 years ago this were this firm, Bear Stearns, that i didn't like but didn't want to say you should pull your money out of it because it was insured. My good friend Rogers turned that into a "buy bear stearns" ad. Prince of a guy

Long ahead of financial crisis, we were signaling thru #UOA , the massive put buying in Financials, and started not with Lehman, it started with Bear Stearns, highlighting the way out of the money put buying We read the options sentiment, it is not our own sentiment,

Solomon, who got his start at rough-and-tumble firms like Bear Stearns and Drexel, says leadership right now is about physically being there -- he didn't want to work from a suburb or country house -- and about showing vulnerability to his team.

Chart of the Week: Realized volatility for the 10Y U.S. Treasury in July was the lowest ever recorded for a given month since trading started on @Tradeweb . The previous record was set in May 2007, a month before Bear Stearns took steps to shore up certain funds. #ustreasuries 

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@DiMartinoBooth  Fine as in they will all be fine, wealthy dollar bears and bulls alike. Just look at what happened to the chief economist at Bear Stearns! Failing up on pure privilege and connections is the new American Dream.

Fun fact, Jeffrey Epstein was once thrown out of former Wall Street investment banking giant Bear Stearns, n it seems to this day nobody really knows how he made his billions from trading. Some was from manipulating stock prices. #JeffreyEpstein  #JeffreyEpsteinDidNotKillHimselfDidNotKillHimself 


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It's not the same thing, but the only thing that oil crash reminds me of -- just in terms of sheer jaw droppingness -- is when Bear Stearns opened at $2.

Things that didn't exist when JPMorgan bought Bear Stearns this day in 2008: Uber Instagram iPad Bitcoin Airbnb Snapchat Venmo App Store Kickstarter Angry Birds FB Messenger Lyft Alexa Apple Maps WhatsApp Google Chrome Pinterest Slack Candy Crush Tinder WeChat Find My iPhone

Malpass was chief economist at Bear Stearns during the investment bank’s historic 2008 collapse.

Here's the news 10 years ago today, as Bear Stearns collapsed. The Senate just passed a bill rolling back the protections we added after the crash and making another taxpayer bailout more likely.

It feels, to me, that we are in the same place we were around the time of that Mission Accomplished sign or the quiet before Bear Stearns and Lehman. This isn't about opinions anymore. Every single person who has looked at the business knows in a simple, clear way. 7/

This week marks the 10th anniversary of Bear Stearns’ collapse, which accelerated the financial crisis. Meanwhile, the Senate is considering a bill that says would increase the likelihood of ANOTHER financial crisis - where working families would pay the price yet again.

This week marks the ten-year anniversary of the Bear Stearns collapse. Yet what is the Senate doing today? Rolling back bank regulations that were put in place to prevent another crisis. This is totally WRONG.

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Malpass was chief economist at Bear Stearns when the investment bank collapsed in March 2008.