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It was no day at the beach, or boardwalk, but Mona Shores volleyball thrilled with results

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is suing Point Pleasant Beach over the municipality’s crack down on alcohol on all beaches

Many folks head to the beach and boardwalk during a beautiful start to the Labor Day holiday weekend.

The Beach Club Resort and BoardWalk Inn will remain closed "until further notice," the company added.

A man accused of fatally stabbing another man in an apparently random attack in a public restroom along the Pacific Beach boardwalk pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a murder charge.

A man accused of fatally stabbing another man in a public restroom along the Pacific Beach boardwalk was slated to be arraigned Tuesday on a murder charge.

The LAPD said it has started enforcing rules about not placing tents on the beaches, then they will also bring their crackdown to the grassy area of Venice Beach and the boardwalk as well.


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Restaurants and gyms saying "come in! we've got soap!" during a mostly airborne plague is like a beach town stalked by sharks saying "we fortified the boardwalk!" Great, now people can STURDILY walk into the ocean and be separated from their limbs.

Mask-wearing varies widely by neighborhood. In Flushing and Park Slope, over 95% of people were masked. In Far Rockaway, Queens: 62%. The boardwalk at Rockaway beach: 20%.

Tupac Shakur was killed 23 years ago today. In honor of the legendary rapper, we’re throwing it back to 1995 when @tabithasoren  spent a day with him on the Venice Beach boardwalk talking about his rise to fame, growing up poor, and where he sees himself going #RIPTupac 

See How It Feels with the murals @Spotify  made for Manic✨ u can see them in person at beach boardwalk'>Venice Beach Boardwalk in LA

Hundreds of New Jerseyans, flocked to Belmar Saturday morning to purchase beach badges for the season, and to soak up some sun. The line stretched for several blocks along the boardwalk.

Two people seriously injured after falling more than 30 feet when a roller coaster derailed on the Daytona Beach boardwalk, authorities say.