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Falcons owner, Arthur Blank can write all the books he like about not reacting out of anger or frustration, but Dan Quinn remaining as hd coach, is an ABSOLUTE failure on his part. Blowing 4th quarter leads of 15&16 pts in Bck2Bck weeks is unacceptable.

1st bck2bck spin classes in 2wks. I'm in the results biz not excuses. These results AREN'T good enough.

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Someone pulling up from 27 ft on bck2bck j's

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Trev has missed 2 high school level qb throws on bck2bck 3rd dwns.

Chargers better hope rt get better at the half. He's given up bck2bck sacks and a false start.

Yes, but no man has everyone 100,200, 4x100 in bck2bckOlympics. 3-3 in Rio, he's the ? @bluedevilnc : ...

Bron went to a 45 win tm, KD goes to a 73 win tm with 2x MVP and bck2bck finals appearance.. Lil ...

Wade wasn't 2x MVP, heat weren't 73-9 or been to bck2bck finals. Happy 4 KD tho. @DerekDurnavich : ...

It's different. Bron didn't leave a top 5 player behind and join reigning 2x MVP, coming off bck2bck finLs. ...


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Pats fans real quiet tonite. I'm certain they believe coach Belichick wanted to lose bck2bck gms on purpose.

C.Kelly runs a fast break offense, but trades for a Qb in Bradford that ran 5.0 forty 5 yrs ago coming off bck2bckAcl surgeries. WHAT??