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BBC News - Banks bow to pressure and axe shareholder payments. #bbcgms  0620

BBC News - Coronavirus: The month that changed life as we know it. Latest details #bbcgms  0605

BBC News - Coronavirus in Scotland: Cancer screening programmes paused. @robmurray11  @CancerSuppScot  #bbcgms  0735

Happy birthday Wendy! Thanks for coming on #bbcgms  at a very early hour.

BBC News - Coronavirus: Spain's coronavirus outbreak 'slowing' Latest from @SaraCanals  #bbcgms  0615

BBC News - Coronavirus: Mercedes F1 to make breathing aid. The latest on the science around #COVID19  #bbcgms  0710

BBC News - Alex Salmond's lawyer faces inquiry after 'sex pest' comment. @DrNikLaw  & @colliermedia  #bbcgms  0735

Minister launches volunteer campaign. #bbcgms  0810 via @BBCNews 


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BBC News - Hong Kong police shoot man in day of violence and chaos. #bbcgms  0655

A project that sees volunteers cycle elderly people around Falkirk is to expand following a BBC viral video #bbcgms 

@NicolaSturgeon : "There is an opinion poll out today that shows after 11 years in government my party is 14 points ahead." #bbcgms  #SNP18 

A European study suggests Scotland has the best quality of life in the UK. @socprogress  told #BBCGMS  it looked at f…

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Scotland is close to gold standard set by the Nordic nations in ensuring babies survive to full term says new study. #bbcgms  0815

FM: SNP has long taken position that Common Fisheries Policy is not fit for purpose & should be scrapped or fundamentally reformed. #bbcgms 

FM: "We have an opportunity in this election, not to strengthen Theresa May's hand but strengthen Scotland's hand." #VoteSNP  #bbcgms  #GE17 

Extraordinary interview with Derek Mackay on #bbcgms . Never heard such angry & aggressive interruptions from an interviewer @BBCScotlandNews 

Full Fiscal Autonomy could double size of Scotland's economy according to a report from economic think tank, @N56org  Details#bbcgms  0840

UK Govt removes rights of householders to object to fracking beneath their homes. Scottish Govt is against. @FergusEwingMSP  #bbcgms  0715