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'Unable to blame their refusal to advance progressive policies and basic human decency on Trump and Vladimir Putin these next two years, they’ll be forced to kill any leftward movement all on their own' @caitoz 

Once people have their basic needs met, they find things to complicate their lives.

In rural parts of Maharashtra, where households cannot even afford a basic smartphone, teachers turned out to be saviours during the lockdown, using innovative ways, while taking great risks to their health, to ensure their students weren’t hit.

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Healing? Unity? You can’t do that with people who don’t adhere to basic democratic principles.' Very good, necessary piece. @AsteadWH  is so valuable at this moment

We should work with other countries to fight COVID-19. And we should address multinational public health issues. But this is complete and total capitulation to the @WHO  , an organization that has failed at some of its most basic responsibilities. (2/3)

People getting out of prison are bringing the virus outside because lockups aren’t taking basic precautions.

Reminder: Virtual Skywarn class tonight! The basic course is tonight & on Feb. 9th we will have an advanced course. The time for both is 6:30-8:30pm CST. All classes are free & open to all members of the public! Register here: #HOUwx  #GLSwx  #BCSwx  #TXwx 

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Delhi government has set the ball rolling for ensuring that by August every Delhiite has a QR code-based health card with his or her basic clinical details to easily access public healthcare facilities.

At this divided moment, consider uniting factors and consumers' basic needs.

Before we start rearranging deck chairs, we should be asking more basic questions about what (if any) role pardon should play in the ordinary operation of the federal justice system, writes Margaret Colgate Love


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ICE is feeding Muslim detainees pork at its Krome detention center in Miami and its chaplain dismisses this basic, deliberate dignity violation by saying “it is what it is.”

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Alec Baldwin should play Alec Baldwin when SNL parodies his wife pretending she’s Spanish for the last few decades as opposed to the basic white girl from Mass that she actually is. It would be the first funny thing Saturday Night Live has produced in years.

This massive backpedaling from Republicans is actually more insulting. They don’t deserve credit for shit. They have been complicit for four years, and kissed Trump’s ass at every turn. It took an insurrection that killed somebody for them to show some basic decency. Fuck. Off.

MUST WATCH: Republican asks one of ’s US District Judge nominees basic questions of law & he can’t answer a single one. Hoo-boy.

Trump says stop counting where I’m winning but keep counting where I’m losing. Biden says count all the votes regardless. One position is consistent with the principles of democracy. The other is not at all. It’s that basic.

Finland’s two-year test of universal basic income concluded that it doesn't seem to disincentivise working, and benefits recipients’ mental and financial wellbeing

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I find that a lot of stupid people hide behind big words and flowery vocabulary, and a lot of smart people aren’t afraid to use basic language to get their ideas across in an easy to understand way. Also I’m stoned on the toilet right now.

7 continents in the World 7 days in a week 7 colours in a rainbow 7 basic musical notes 7 chakras in a human being 7 pheras in a marriage 7 wonders of the world 7 th day of 7th month- Birthday of a wonder of the cricketing world #HappyBirthdayDhoni  . May God Bless You!

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Our hospitals are out of gloves, masks, gowns, respirators, protective shoe coverings, and basic supplies! What the hell more is Trump waiting for? Hey stupid, this is the worst case scenario!