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LISTEN NOW: Andrew Weissman breaks down what Robert Mueller should have done during the Russian collusion investigation and how Bill Barr personally ‘betrayed’ the DOJ.

"Don't worry, he won't empower his children, they'd never get security clearances..." "Don't worry, we have checks and balances that will stop his abuses..." "Don't worry, Mueller will reveal the truth..." "Don't worry, Barr wouldn't lie about Mueller..."

June 2018: Barr auditions to be Trump’s AG by sending him a memo criticizing the Mueller probe. This is better understood as a signal to the President that he will be working for Trump and not the American people. #BarrGate 

January 2019: Barr refuses to say if he will recuse himself from supervision of the Mueller probe during his confirmation hearing–depriving the Senate of a key piece of information before the vote. Regardless, he is confirmed. #BarrGate 

March 2019: Barr withholds the Mueller report from the public for days. At the same time, he releases a letter that grossly mischaracterizes the Special Counsel’s findings and warps public perception to falsely exonerate Trump. #BarrGate 

March 2019: Barr also makes the determination that Mueller’s evidence is not sufficient to establish a crime. This political whitewashing of Trump’s actions ignores multiple clearly established instances of obstruction of justice in the report. #BarrGate 

April 2019: Barr initially refuses to release a full version of the Mueller report. Instead, he states that he will only be releasing a redacted version. #BarrGate 

US Intelligence Community on Putin, Mueller Report findings w/o AG Barr/DOJ spin, and finally, 3rd president ever to be IMPEACHED. In my humble opinion, DJT will be judged by history, as a bigger setback for the Conservative Cause than Richard M Nixon. (3 of3)

JUST IN: A federal judge, who has been sharply critical of Barr and DOJ, is asking the department to determine whether Trump’s recent tweet ordering blanket declassification of Russia docs, means the full Mueller report is now declassified.

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Congratulations to Attorney General Bill Barr for taking charge of a case that was totally out of control and perhaps should not have even been brought. Evidence now clearly shows that the Mueller Scam was improperly brought & tainted. Even Bob Mueller lied to Congress!

It’s not enough for Barr to resign. I want him out of DOJ, disbarred, disgraced, & investigated for obstruction of justice. Barr sabotaged Mueller report, was in on Ukraine plot, & now he wants to free Trump’s criminal friends. In my estimation, they ALL belong in jail!

Why should Radical Left Democrats in Congress have a right to retry and examine the $35,000,000 (two years in the making) No Collusion Mueller Report, when the crime committed was by Crooked Hillary, the DNC and Dirty Cops? Attorney General Barr will make the decision!

Attorney General Barr should resign. He misled the American people with his inaccurate summary of Mueller’s report. Then he misled the Congress when he denied knowledge of Mueller’s concerns. How can he be trusted to impartially administer justice? Short answer: He can’t.

Today, Trump announced he is opposed to Mueller testifying before Congress. Before the American people. He also opposes letting McGahn appear. Barr’s testimony alone — designed to protect Trump — isn’t going to cut it. They will testify. The American people deserve the truth.

Mueller made clear Trump is NOT exonerated and that AG Barr is a liar. Mueller did his job now it's time for Congress to do its job. No more hiding behind the special counsel. Enough is enough. It's time to #ImpeachTrump . We can't wait for 2020. The time is NOW!

Congress has asked for the entire Mueller report, and underlying evidence, by April 2. That deadline stands. In the meantime, Barr should seek court approval (just like in Watergate) to allow the release of grand jury material. Redactions are unacceptable. #ReleaseTheReport 

I'm gravely concerned that the 14 criminal referrals from Special Counsel Mueller related to the investigation are under the supervision & control of AG Barr. He's virtually disqualified himself to be the kind of person we can expect to stand back & make sure justice is served.

Mueller spent two years investigating obstruction of justice and found evidence that “does not exonerate” Trump. Barr took two days to set aside that evidence. The entire report must be published and evidence provided to Congress so the American people can judge for themselves.

Just been informed by DOJ that we’ll receive Mueller’s report only after Barr gives a press conference. Once again, Barr wants to shape the public’s perception of the report. This is on top of reports DOJ secretly briefed the White House. This is not justice. Just PR.