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#OPINION : Gulf states are right to protect their citizens from dangerous drugs, but boycotts alone won’t work. Instead, they should help Lebanon sideline the agents of terrorism, corruption and anarchy, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION #Israel  apparently has recruited significant numbers of competen #Iranians  willing to attack state installations — not a big surprise, given that Iran’s brightest graduates have little to look forward to, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : When leaders squander their nation’s wealth and betray their own citizens lik #Iran  's have, little wonder so many Iranians are willing to sell out their nation t #Israel  , writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : I sympathize with Biden’s rush to overturn his predecessor’s toxic legacy, but Trump’s tough Iran policy was perhaps the only thing he got right, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : A quick return to th #JCPOA  is highly popular with progressiv #Democrats  , but if it leads to billions of dollars funneled t #Iranian  expansionism, Biden may soon bitterly regret adopting the strategy, writes Baria Alamuddin

China and Russia aspire to be global powers, but if they don’t want the regions under their influence to be perpetual hellholes of anarchy and warfare, they will ultimately have to resort to multilateral institutions and international law mechanisms. Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : Arab states are losing control over their sovereign borders: #iraq '>I #Iraq #Syria  an #Lebanon  , Iran-affiliated militias dominate crossing points, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : As long as they spite the West by enablin #roguestates  such a #Iran  #Syria  an #NorthKorea  , they will eventually reap the consequences, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : Everywhere tha #Iran  has sought to exert its propaganda and soft power, these efforts have ultimately met with resentment and rejection, writes Baria Alamuddin

#OPINION : Ten further years o #Syrianconflict  are certainly not inevitable. However, ending this hugely complex war will require infinitely greater international focus and unity of purpose, writes Baria Alamuddin


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"Beirut's tragedy is a historic opportunity to eject Hizbollah once and for all" | writes Baria Alamuddin

#Spotlight : The 1990 invasion o #Kuwait  transformed Iraqi dictato #SaddamHussein  from a necessary bulwark against Iran to an international pariah overnight, writes Arab News columnist Baria Alamuddin

“There is still a lot of work to do and it begins with women.” 💬 #InspireMiddleEast  speaks to Lebanese political journalist Baria Alamuddin, an advocate of female literacy and employment across the Arab world, and the mother of Amal Clooney. #IWD2020 

#OPINION : Not only shoul #coronavirus  be a wake-up call for greater readiness for the next viral threat, but also for the necessity of working together as a planet to address pending environmental catastrophes, writes Baria Alamuddin.

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OP-ED: Princess Al-Bandari touched the lives of millions of women and underprivileged families. Her example and memory will remain with us forever, writes Baria Alamuddin.

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