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Watch | Severe waterlogging in Ahmedabad's Bapu Nagar area following heavy rainfall.

Gujarat: Severe waterlogging in Ahmedabad's Bapu Nagar area following heavy rainfall

At least six pockets out of the 20 in Bapu Dham Colony have already been opened. So far, COVID-19 patients have been reported in 10 pockets out of 14 pockets that remain sealed.

Two more #COVID19  positive cases reported in Bapu Dham Colony today. They are contacts of a positive case. The total number of positive cases in Chandigarh now stands at 291, including 88 active cases: Public Relations Department, Chandigarh

6 more positive cases reported in Bapu Dham Colony. The total number of #COVID19  positive cases in Chandigarh rises to 288.


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If convicted prisoners are being released by Government then the falsely found guilty and 85 year old ailing bapu'>Asaram Bapu should be released first

For 75 yrs,India’s been the land of the Mahatma;a beacon when the world lost its morality.We used to be pitied for being poor but we were always rich since Bapu inspired billions globally.Some things must remain sacred.Or we become the Taliban,destroying statues that sustain us

If a Hindu sadhu is even alleged of putting his hand on a girl’s shoulder as was the case of bapu'>Asaram Bapu he gets life imprisonment even if it not rape as per FIR, why a Kerala Catholic Bishop is not even sent to judicial custody even though he brutally rapes a Nun 13 times?

Bapu unites the world! Among the highlights of today’s programme was the excellent rendition of Bapu’s favourite 'Vaishnav Jan To' by artists from 124 nations. This is a must hear. #Gandhi150 

The film fraternity comes together to pay tributes to Mahatma Gandhi! #ChangeWithin  is an excellent effort, which will add momentum towards ensuring Gandhi Ji’s message reverberates far and wide. It will also inspire citizens to take up causes dear to Bapu.

Are you ready to make India free from single use plastic and pay tributes to Bapu on his 150th birth anniversary? #MannKiBaat 

As we begin ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ and pledge to reduce single use plastic, I sat down with those who segregate plastic waste. I salute them for their hardwork and contribution towards fulfilling Bapu’s dream.

Paid tributes to respected Bapu at Rajghat. This year, we mark the 150th Jayanti of Bapu. May this special occasion further popularise Bapu’s noble ideals and continue inspiring us to empower the lives of the poor, downtrodden and marginalised.

पूज्य बापू को उनकी पुण्यतिथि पर शत् शत् नमन। Remembering Bapu on his Punya Tithi. We reiterate our commitment to follow the path shown by him and abide by the values he stood for.

Tributes to Bapu and all those who marched with him to Dandi in pursuit of justice and equality. Sharing a few thoughts on the Dandi March, the ideals of Bapu and his disdain for the Congress culture in my blog.