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PhD students are specialists, learning very specific things from very specific people. Academics aren’t the sort of omnidisciplinary scientists you see in movies. Bruce Banner or Tony Stark could pick up a new line of research on a whim, real people can’t.

Wish Kolasinac was a little less Hulk and a little more Bruce Banner

Bryson DeChambeau shares details about the diet that helped him go from Bruce Banner to The Incredible Hulk.

"We don't use the national anthem in movie theaters and on Broadway, other events in the [US]." Former US national men's soccer team coach Bruce Arena has questioned whether the "The Star-Spangled Banner" should be played at professional sporting events.

Bruce Banner's cousin She-Hulk is one mean, green, lawyerin' machine.

I was so impressed with @aparnabrielle , I built my next flick around her: Aparna will play Brodie Bruce's daughter Banner Bruce in the movie I hope to shoot next - TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS. @DohertyShannen  already read the script and LOVED! Lee reading now! #QuarantineWatchParty 

#quarantinelife We elected the Hulk. Now we desperately need Dr. Bruce Banner. However, when we tell the Hulk that we need Dr. Banner, it just makes him angrier and more dangerous and destructive. #COVID19  #CoronavirusPandemic  #coronavirus 

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Why does Tony Stark have a rocket suit in Infinity War but also has a flip phone? (Yes I know Bruce Banner is holding it)


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If Bruce Banner retains his original mass when he expands to become the Hulk, then his body must become less dense. If so, then in his Hulked state, he'd have the density of a champagne cork. I’m just sayin’.

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HULK OUT: This Irish toddler doesn’t seem to approve of Bruce Banner’s tendency to lose his temper and turning irrational as The Hulk.

Bruce Banner and Tony Stark hash another one out in the character-driven campaign of Marvel's Avengers#E32019  #SquareEnixE3 

Inclusivity Win! Marvel Will Now Have Bruce Banner Briefly Turn Into A Honduran Man Before Transforming Into The Hulk

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Bruce Banner has an interesting plan in this gag reel from Phase 1 of the MCU, available in the MCU Phase 2 Box Set!

In #TheAvengers , Thor is the hot one so you feel like you have a shot w/Captain America, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark etc. Feel good movie OTY

I know I seem like a mild mannered guy but if I was Bruce Banner, I would spend so much of my time being green and fucking shit up.