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The Christmas tree is down, the monster 2,000 piece jigsaw is done, so the holidays are officially over. Here’s to a peaceful bank earnings season.

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Patterns of bank holidays around the end of the year add to uncertainty, but I have been cautious and there has been a recent inflection point in excess deaths in the data across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Excess deaths rose from mid Dec 2/

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Bank holidays 2021: Banks to remain shut on these dates in January; check out full list #BankHolidays  #Banks  #January2021 

Every previous week 52 had 2 bank holidays whereas this year’s week 52 had only one. All else equal that would push up this year’s numbers vs the avg. Making comparisons is fiendishly difficult. Deaths do look high but it’ll take a couple of weeks for the statistical fog to clear

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The Bank of Thailand (BOT) on Wednesday released a list of bank holidays for 2021 in response to the Cabinet’s announcement on December 29. #BOT  #holidays  #ThailandNews 

The #covid19  stats from #France  might start to reflect what's actually been happening over Christmas in the next few days, since all the bank holidays & weekends have interfered with reporting & data collection...

#Bank holidaysJanuary 2021: Banks will remain closed for 8 days in total - check list for better planning


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Happy #StGeorgesDay  to everyone celebrating in England and across the world. We'll make today one of four new bank holidays for the whole of the UK. Workers deserve a break and a chance to celebrate our country’s traditions of fairness and social justice.

There are calls to give British workers another four bank holidays to bring the country in line with the European average

Bank holidays are an opportunity to relax and spend time with family and friends. The next Labour government will introduce four more, bringing us up to the average for the world’s biggest economies, to give British workers a well deserved break.

What's better than a bank holiday? Four extra bank holidays a year! In government, we'll make it happen ?

Labour will give workers a well-earned break and bring our four nations together with four new bank holidays. #GE2017 

With Labour, you’ll get four extra bank holidays to spend time with friends and family. #VoteLabour 

Jeremy Corbyn has proposed four new UK-widebank holidays saying "the next Labour government will give workers the break they deserve"

We think bank holidays are brilliant. That’s why we want to introduce four new ones. RT if you’re with us ↓ #BankHolidayMonday 

Here's a poem I wrote about why we shouldn't all have Bank Holidays at the same time...

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Used to be religious holidays (holy day) and now they're "bank" holidays- when did the banks become God? #fishy  #revolution