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With a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey expects a difficult few months ahead.

Arsenal and Spurs have taken £300m of loans from the Bank of England’s emergency Covid scheme 💷 Smaller clubs argue that’s unfair and is distorting competition ⚽️💥 Great story by @SamuelAgini  in @FT 

Cracking tale by @SamuelAgini  in @FT  Premier League rivals cry fould over Bank of England Covid loan scheme ⚽️🔥 Complaints Arsenal and Spurs borrow a combined £295m from central bank facility not available to smaller teams, distorting competition:

With a resurgence in COVID-19 cases, Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey expects a difficult few months ahead.

Poll shows Bank of England still expected to keep rates unchanged until at least 2024

It will take more than two years for Britain’s economy to recover to its pre-COVID-19 level, a Reuters poll found, but the Bank of England was still expected to keep rates steady until at least 2024 and to avoid negative borrowing costs.

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Wanted: a monetary policy expert to strengthen the increasingly close relationship between the U.K. government and the Bank of England

Rising river responses over the weekend will be most pronounced where rainfall occurs in SE New York state and southern New England and are forecast to remain below bank-full levels at this time

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Report tells Bank of England to improve understanding of quantitative easing

Bank of England says prepare for carbon prices to triple to $100 via @Jess_Shankleman 


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Amazing that when Bank of England Governor says No Deal Brexit will damage economy more than Covid, it is barely considered news. Surreal too that the (likely) deal will be Hard Brexit and there will be barely a peep

Michael Gove spent years telling people to trust Jacob Rees Mogg over the governor of the Bank of England and now wonders why the same people trust their Aunty Doris’s Facebook page over the Chief Medical Adviser.

The gov’t is expecting a deficit of £300bn this year. So the Bank of England is increasing quantitative easing by £300bn. That means it’s funding the whole deficit. And so national debt will not have increased by one penny. But the Treasury’s still refusing to fund the NHS. Why?

Alan Turing, World War Two codebreaker and mathematician, will be the face of new Bank of England £50 note

City sources say the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has told banks to step up plans for the UK to leave the EU without a trade deal

The Bank of England just announced it will finance the gvt directly. Meanwhile in the eurozone the tragi-comedy of errors, also known as the Eurogroup, will reconvene tonight to proclaim that the crisis is SO urgent that it will do NOTHING of macroeconomic significance.

Alan Turing, the computing pioneer who became one of the most influential code breakers of World War II, has been chosen by the Bank of England to be the new face of its 50-pound note

Brilliant news from the Bank of England: War-time code breaker,Alan Turing is the face on the £50 note (not that you or I will ever see one!), Has ever a man been be more celebrated in tragic that he suffered at the hands of bigots in life.

Which one can you answer: Why would the Bank of England mislead the population about the most significant economic event in decades? Why might a fund manager heavily invested in 'emerging markets' and with a penchant for 'disaster capitalism' mislead people about the same event?

Its Official: Bank of England Governor tells the City: Brexit has made us poorer.