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America is now the world’s top destination for bitcoin mining, accounting for over one-third of the global hash rate (a measure of the processing power being used by the bitcoin network)

| SA rates will be hiked if inflation persists, says Kganyago: South Africa will raise its benchmark interest rate if accelerating inflation becomes persistent, central bank Governor Lesetja Kganyago said.

'Dust days' plague town on bank of NZ's most sediment-laden river

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The Islamic trade finance bank has signed trade deals with three African countries to support exports, #SMEs , #agriculture , #energy  and health across the continent.

Lessons for the Bank for International Settlements #BIS  and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision #BCBS  from legendary statistician W. Edwards Deming#ALM  #IRRBB  #FRTB  #FTP  #ICAAP  #riskmanagement 

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The comments come in the backdrop of Yes Bank finalizing the paperwork to sue satellite television operator Dish TV India Ltd over its refusal to hold a special shareholders meeting, according to a Mint report

Scalise on Pelosi's Halloween Deadline: 'This Package...Should Be Scary to Every Family in America'

“This is the state of what’s left of the gay rights movement in America. Judgmental, absolutist, intolerant, and hysterical, it looks to shut down speech it dislikes, drive its foes out of the public square,”

"Why can't the cargo on these ships be made in America?" asks Tulsa resident Terry Simonson.


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Selling weed literally went from major felony to essential business (open during pandemic) in much of America & yet many are still in prison. Doesn’t make sense, isn’t right.

Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the world.

Don’t act like everyone loved my father. He was assassinated. A 1967 poll reflected that he was one of the most hated men in America. Most hated. Many who quote him now and evoke him to deter justice today would likely hate, and may already hate, the authentic King. #MLK .

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The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!

The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.

This election is about so much more than @JoeBiden  or me. It’s about the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s get started.

Trump began his term promising to build a wall to protect America from the world. He ends it building a wall to protect himself from Americans.

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Trump just had peaceful demonstrators viciously attacked. No, Mr. President. This is not a dictatorship. This is the United States of America. Our citizens have a constitutional right to peacefully protest. It's called the First Amendment.

I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today, but after the events in Minnesota with George Floyd I’m in no mood to tell America, good morning.