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Editorial: "While there are still hundreds working tirelessly to improve prospects in Baltimore, many others have gone back to a head in the sand approach to its problems."

With the crime in Baltimore, many kids don't know where to go or how to spend their time, so Ravens Hall of Famer Ed Reed is working to change that.

Three quadruple shootings in Baltimore, many with young victims, underscore tragic trend in city this year

With the growing violence in Baltimore, many are calling for it to stop. Friday was the 3rd annual Though Shall Not Kill...Stop the Violence Rally and Peace Ride where city leaders, funeral homes, anti-violence organizations and the community gathered.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has ultimate oversight of nearly 35,000 public housing and federally subsidized rental units in Baltimore—many of which suffer from the squalor the president decried on Twitter last month.

.: In Baltimore, many organizations are fighting the good fight in high-poverty and predominantly black neighborhoods. However, they make just small dents in the vast stretches of Baltimore that need redevelopment most.

Nobody cares about the Muslim WAPO Whack, doesn't even make the list for polling. Dude stuck his nose in wrong folks business. Thousands whacked in Chicago/NYC/Baltimore/many more, hardly any coverage ever except local news.

Baltimore leaders setting out on a national search for the city's next police commissioner must first decide what they most need in a candidate -- not an easy task given Baltimore's many problems and the many unique demands on its top cop.

4 people were shot, 2 fatally, during a call for a ceasefire in Baltimore. Many praised the grassroots effort.

For Baltimore, many examples of what police reform could look like


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In Baltimore's many vacant houses, one group sees jobs and bricks for new buildings.

Share the #lost  & #found  #pets  #cats  of #Baltimore-many  pets are scared+have bolted+end up at kill pounds! Lost...

Several arrested after curfew in Baltimore; many cheer charges against six Baltimore P.D. officers

Sorry to see the news tonight from violence in Baltimore. Many fond memories from that city over the years. It deserves better.

@DCfireems  helping in #Baltimore . Many D.C.-area first responders also there. Full coverage:

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