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Laurene Powell Jobs made a $2500 donation to a Green Party candidate for Baltimore City Council, backed by DSA, who is seeking to unseat a Democratic incumbent

OPINION: Question F would not let the City Council shirk the city’s financial commitments. What it would do is let the City Council reorder the mayor’s budget priorities, writes Bill Henry, a Baltimore City Councilman and candidate for city comptroller.

After coming off another violent year in Baltimore, city council president and mayoral candidate Brandon Scott presented his public safety plan Thursday.

With four months to go until Baltimore’s primary, mayoral candidate and City Council President Brandon Scott is proposing nine debates and forums so that residents have "a range of opportunities" to hear directly from the candidates.

In a new campaign advertisement, candidate for Spokane City Council PresidentCindy Wendle said she doesn't recognize Spokane anymore. No wonder, considering her ad uses a picture from a homeless camp in Baltimore.