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#OTD 5 July, 2014-liberation of Sloviansk, Donetsk Obl. Rebuilding & renovation began slowly; Sloviansk was once again part of free Ukraine. Today, after razing Lysychansk & Sievierodonetsk in Luhansk Obl, Russian forces are again shelling Sloviansk & Bakhmut. #ArmUkraineNow 

Those Ukrainian troops are now preparing for a fierce fight in and around the cities of Siversk, Slovyansk and Bakhmut, military analysts say, as the Russian advance pushes further into Ukraine.

If Russian forces can punch their way into Bakhmut, as they did in two nearby Ukrainian cities in recent days, they won’t find many civilians.

Ukrainian forces that retreated from Lysychansk are now holding the line between Bakhmut and Sloviansk, preparing to fend off a further Russian advance.

Russia will focus on Donetsk Oblast after taking Luhansk - Serhiy Haidai Russia says it established its control over Luhansk Oblast following withdrawal by UA forces from Lysychansk. Sloviansk & Bakhmut will come under heavy attacks, he predicted-Reuters

Day 131. Ukrainian army withdraws from Lysychansk. Russian forces launched assaults northeast of Bakhmut and north of Sloviansk. Ukrainian forces destroy the Russian military base in Melitopol.

Ukrainian Police on July 2, 2022, released footage it said showed the aftermath of Russian rockets hitting Bakhmut, a town in Donetsk Region. (Reuters)

the russians are trying to take control of the bakhmut'>Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway. With the support of artillery, the enemy is relentlessly shelling the civilian infrastructure in the settlements of Lysychansk, Verkhnokam'yanka and Siversk, trying to block them.

Volunteers evacuate the elderly from Ukraine's Bakhmut, fearing Russian advance - Reuters

In the Bakhmut direction, it fires artillery of various calibers in the areas of the settlements of Berestove, Klynove, Bakhmut, Vershina and Travneve. Our soldiers successfully stopped the enemy's reconnaissance attempt by fighting in the area of ​​Berestovo,


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Another devastating Russian attack on Bakhmut this eve. 3 killed including the man photographed here by @andonilubaki  (shared with permission). Unfortunately for Bakhmut this is likely just the start. As Russian forces creep closer it will likely get pounded like Severodonetsk.

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Zelensky made a similar visit to nearby Soledar, a town known for its salt mine and now in Russia’s crosshairs as it tries to capture Donetsk region. It’s just west of Lysychansk, just north of Bakhmut. It’s been under heavy attacks; residents forced to evacuate.

Russians pulled up all reserves. We are waiting for big offensives in Luhansk Oblast in coming days,” Obl Head Russians threw all their reserves in Sievierodonetsk & Bakhmut directions trying to cut Lysychansk-Bakhmut route.“No success, RU s die en masse”

Ukrainian military on the front line near the village of New York, in the Bakhmut district of Donetsk Oblast. About 10k people lived there before the Russian invasion. The village is the area of fierce RUUA fighting in the Donbas. 📷: Hlib Haranich (Reuters)

Yesterday, Ukraine pushed back Russian troops from the Bakhmut-Lysychansk road, the "lifeline" to Russia's key target Sievierodonetsk. Ex-MP, soldier Ihor Lutsenko tells how the news of Ukraine resisting Russian attacks looks like from inside. 🧵

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Battles in Donbas have reached the highest intensity, spokesman of Ukraine's Defense Ministry said. Russian troops are shelling from artillery along the entire frontline, conducting assault in Sievierodonetsk, towards Bakhmut & Kurakhove.

🔹Heavy fighting continues in Donbas. Some RU units retreated from Lyman, RU prepares to once again cross Siverskyi Donets 🔹 RU tries to keep positions on NE Sievierodonetsk, attempts to assault city center 🔹 RU shells settlements near Bakhmut, prepares for assault - GenStaff 6PM

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Ukraine has pushed Russian forces away from bakhmut'>Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway. - Luhansk Oblast Governor. He said that troops & humanitarian supplies can now be transported using the key highway connecting Ukraine-controlled territories with Sievierodonetsk.

Yelena’s apartment in Bakhmut was destroyed by a Russian airstrike. She found her plant in the rubble. In speaking with her, we figured out that we actually lived a few doors away from each other 10 years ago when I was also a resident of the city, when it was called Artemivsk.

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Gutted to return to Bakhmut and the first street I lived on in Ukraine 12 years ago to see the home next door destroyed by a Russian airstrike. Several more buildings less than 100 meters away also destroyed by an airstrike. Jets roared overhead all day and shelling was constant.