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#DonaldTrump alleged that the #JoeBiden  campaign staff even donated a lot of money to bail out rioters, looters and arsonists who ravaged Minneapolis

A massive #JobsReport  today. The great American comeback commences, with gusto. Pres Trump facilitates economic renewal, while Joe Biden’s team donates to bail out violent rioters. We want #JobsNotMobs ! #MAGAminute  video...

UNBELIEVABLE: New York's new bail reform laws are putting hundreds of rioters back on the streets within hours of their arrest... This is a threat to public safety. @dbongino  has the story ⬇️

ICYMI: @tedcruz  had a question for Joe Biden, after his campaign staff was exposed for sending bail money for rioters:⠀ ⠀ "Why are you supporting people who destroy black businesses?"⠀ ⠀

Several Democrats and celebrities have donated money to help bail out rioters around the country.

The donations made to bail funds by Democratic lawmakers likely went to bailing out the most violent rioters and looters, including those who attacked cops. This is what the Democratic party stands for now.

Biden Campaign Won’t Say If It Has Addressed Staffers Who Donated To Pay Bail For Rioters, Looters

Today’s #MAGAminute  video. Biden campaign staffers pay bail for rioters — rewarding the very cretins terrorizing our society, smashing businesses, assaulting cops, defacing our historical sites. Will Joe disavow and terminate their employment? Or, does Joe stand with violence?

Biden Campaign Won’t Say If It Has Addressed Staffers Who Donated To Pay Bail For Rioters, Looters.

Plus, Rich talks about celebrity bail funds for rioters and protesters!


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Biden Staffers, Celebrities Scramble To Funnel Bail Money To Rioters

Celebrities donating bail money to release arrested rioters

How can it make sense for 13 Biden staff members to donate money to help people arrested for rioting get out on bail. After four nights of rioting why is bail even being set?Won’t the rioters go back to rioting. Does Biden approve of his staff helping rioters? It is very strange.

Members of Joe Biden's campaign staff have made donations to a fund that pays bail fees for looters and rioters in Minnesota. These criminals are hurting innocent people and destroying the property of small businesses.

The same ppl who are feeding scripts into Biden’s teleprompter and who are making all his campaign decisions are the same ppl paying to bail out violent rioters. Biden has lost control of his campaign to these fringe rioters and sympathizers. Not good!

Liberal Hollywood is raising $$ to pay bail for rioters and looters. Its donors include Joe Biden’s campaign staffers. But if they believe the rioters are far-right white supremacists, why are they bailing them out of jail?

I think this makes Joe Biden and staff and Hollywood donors official members of a terrorist organization #AntifaTerrorist  : Hollywood celebs and Biden staff team up to bail out violent rioters is not being honore #riots2020  #GeorgeFloyd  #MAGA 

An important @NewsRevoltRyan ⁩ summary of Biden campaign staffers actually paying to bail out rioters.

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