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China has been trying to afforest major deserts to curb their expansion. The southern edge of Badain Jaran Desert in N China has formed a forest belt, and most sand dunes have stopped moving

📸 A herder drives camels in Badain Jaran Desert in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

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Badain Jaran Desert is located in N China's Inner Mongolia. Mountains are formed through sand accumulation. The desert enviroment keeps most creatures away, but it is a perfect home for camels. #AmazingChina : The Most Loyal Partner in the Desert

How a trek across China’s Badain Jaran desert put everything into perspective

Can there be snow in the desert? Badain Jaran Desert in Zhangye, NW China, was hit by icy weather lately - and even snow

Incredible pictures show parts of China's Badain Jaran Desert covered in SNOW

15 Chinese astronauts completed desert survival training deep in the Badain Jaran Desert near Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in NW China. The program was aimed to prepare astronauts w/ the capacity to survive in the wilderness in the event their re-entry capsule lands off target

A reentry module aboard carrier rocket Long March-7 touches down successfully in Badain Jaran Desert in north China

#BREAKING The re-entry capsule of #China 's #LongMarch7  rocket lands in Badain Jaran Desert in Inner Mongolia on Sun

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