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"Our platform is open for everyone. Those who want to raise concerns of farmers are welcome," avnit panwar'>Chaudhary Avnit Panwar, Kisan Sena#6PMPrime  #Delhi  #FarmersProtest  | @Ankit_Tyagi01 

#FarmersProtest | Bhanu Pratap Singh, National President of Bharat Kisan Union (Bhanu), explains why they have called off the protest. Kisan Sena's Avnit Panwar also hits out at the Republic Day violence. #IndiaFirst 

#FarmersProtest | Kisan Sena's avnit panwar'>Chaudhary Avnit Panwar questions why those who hoisted flags at Red Fort were not arrested. Listen in. #IndiaFirst 

#FarmersProtest | Why did the farmers wanted to hold the tractor rally on Jan 26? Kisan Sena's avnit panwar'>Chaudhary Avnit Panwar responds. @Rahulshrivstv  also shares his views. #IndiaFirst 

#FarmersProtest | All farmers across the country are participating in the protest in one form or the other, says Kisan Sena's Avnit Panwar. #Newstrack