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Liberal MP Bridget Archer crossed the floor to condemn former PM Scott Morrison's ministries power grab. #auspol 

"To the Federal Opposition, the censure was just a political stunt." - Laura Tingle. #abc730  #auspol 

“We do not have a wage price spiral in this country.” - @AlboMP . #abc730  #auspol 

“We'll take action before Christmas, we will announce what we will do before then.” - @AlboMP  on energy prices. #abc730  #auspol 

“I did find it extraordinary that there was no contrition whatsoever from the former prime minister today.” - @AlboMP  #abc730  #auspol 

Labor's National Anti-Corruption Commission Bill has passed through the House of Representatives l #auspol 

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#Breaking: Former prime minister @ScottMorrisonMP  has been censured by the House of Representatives l #auspol 

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At least one state is squaring up for a fight with the federal government as it considers gas price caps. #auspol 


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After a decade of gross neglect: with species in decline; abused seas & rivers; no duty of care & a hollowed out dept the environment portfolio is critical. We need a senior minister of the calibre of @tanya_plibersek  to reset & she’ll need strong support from cabine #Auspol2022 

Final two-party preferred for the election has worked out at Labor 52.13%, Coalition 47.87%, a swing to Labor of 3.66%. #auspol 

Remember when the PM and Treasurer got their JobKeeper costings wrong to the tune of $60 billion? Yeah, I didn’t think so #auspol 

If she can guess the price of the Leppington TriangleJanice could win a new car!!! #Auspol  #ausvotes 

The full Paul Keating statement on the super for housing plan #auspol 

Why HomeBuilder is the worst policy of the year, in 90 seconds. #auspol 

Pre-warned but too little too late from the Morrison Govt on Afghanistan #auspol 

Every politician, from every spectrum of every party needs to unequivocally denounce this today. #auspol