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Aurora voucher program reduces costs for car theft victims

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AV company Aurora hires president ahead of commercial launch by @kirstenkorosec 

Remains found in unincorporated Weld County in 2018 have been identified as a missing Aurora man, the Weld County Sheriff's Office announced Monday.

aurora'>Retired Aurora police chief Kristen Ziman: Poor training, abuse of power, and cruelty played roles in the death of Tyre Nichols

Aurora cold weather outreach team activated

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An accused drug dealer is facing additional charges in the death of a teenager after a monthlong investigation, the Aurora Police Department said Monday.

A jailed Aurora man faces new charges after an investigation found he allegedly provided fentanyl to a 14-year-old, who died of an overdose.

It will be the first time the two top executives at Wisconsin's largest private employer will appear together in southeastern Wisconsin since the combination of Atrium Health and Advocate Aurora Health.


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Congratulations📣 📣 📣 Staking will be live soon on NEAR & AURORA NEAR is a climate-neutral, high-speed, and low transaction fee Layer-1 Blockchain platform. Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol. @NEARProtocol  @auroraisnear 

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Eleven-year-old Jude Kofie, of Aurora, Colorado, demonstrated a remarkable talent no one anticipated when he discovered an old keyboard and, without any lessons, began playing - a talent piano tuner Bill Magnusson termed "Mozart level."

Amended autopsy report reveals Elijah McClain, a Black man who died after a confrontation with police officers in Aurora, Colorado, in 2019, died because he was injected with ketamine after being forcibly restrained.

Aurora police chief shows the photos of three former officers smiling and reenacting a chokehold near the site of Elijah McClain's arrest

BREAKING: Aurora’s police chief has fired three of the officers involved in the photos re-enacting the chokehold used against #ElijahMcClain  when he died in August. She called the act “a crime against humanity and decency.”

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Parkland Shooter: Not an immigrant Tree Of Life Shooter: Not an immigrant Las Vegas Shooter: Not an immigrant Sandy Hook Shooter: Not an immigrant Charleston Church Shooter: Not an immigrant Aurora Movie Theater Shooter: Not an immigrant Columbine Shooters: Not immigrants #SOTU 

Poway: AR-15 Aurora: AR-15 Dayton: AR-15 Odessa: AR-15 Orlando: AR-15 Parkland: AR-15 Las Vegas: AR-15 Tree of Life: AR-15 Sandy Hook: AR-15 Umpqua CC: AR-15 Waffle House: AR-15 Texas Church: AR-15 San Bernardino: AR-15

Dayton, 9 El Paso, 20 Virginia Beach, 12 Aurora, Ill., 5 Thousand Oaks, 12 Pittsburgh, 11 Annapolis, 5 Santa Fe, Tx., 10 Parkland, 17 Sutherland Springs, Tx., 26 Las Vegas, 58 Orlando, 5 Ft. Lauderdale, 5 Burlington, Wash., 5 Only the sites and numbers change; nothing else does.

The issue of gun violence in America isn’t just school shootings. A teacher with a gun wouldn’t have saved: Vegas: a concert Orlando: a nightclub Sutherland Springs: a church Aurora: a movie theater Gabby Giffords: a parking lot Trayvon Martin: a neighborhood Mike Brown: a cop