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“We’ve found the enemy, and it’s not each other.” @hmcghee 's quest to end America’s zero-sum thinking on race

US Navy's secret nuclear submarine will be 'apex predator' operating behind enemy lines - report @USNavy 

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned residents of the drought-hit southwest not to give ammunition to the "enemy", after days of protests that have seen at least four killed

Canadian-born composer Galt MacDermot has become one of the most sampled composers in hip hop, used by artists such as Kanye West, the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, Run-DMC, Busta Rhymes, Jay Dilla, Pete Rock, DJ Premier and many more. via @CBCMusic 

Greetings from the pandemic-rattled Capitol, "a petri dish for the development of political ideas, but also plagues.” The Delta variant might be a common enemy, but its arrival on the Hill has only made the partisanship, recriminations & nuttiness worse.

Russian World War Two veteran Nikolai Bagayev, 102, feels like he has cheated death twice. This time though, the enemy was not the German troops invading the Soviet Union, but COVID-19

We are going to the moon! Many thanks to all my followers that been with me from the beginning & all my new followers. I have evolved bc of you! I know nothing. Always learning. Adversity is ur friend. Success is ur enemy. Alright, Alright, watch me fly! x

Monty Don shares common mistake when growing herbs - ‘biggest enemy’

Don't let perfect be the enemy of totalitarian

‘Avoid this!’ Monty Don shares common mistake when growing herbs - ‘biggest enemy’ #MontyDon  #Gardening 


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In light of the attack from the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!


We are learning much about the Invisible Enemy. It is tough and smart, but we are tougher and smarter!

The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!


China has just announced a doubling in the number of their deaths from the Invisible Enemy. It is far higher than that and far higher than the U.S., not even close!

I am proud to announce that the United States will donate ventilators to our friends in India. We stand with India and @narendramodi  during this pandemic. We’re also cooperating on vaccine development. Together we will beat the invisible enemy!

I want all Americans to understand: we are at war with an invisible enemy, but that enemy is no match for the spirit and resolve of the American people...

The Media should view this as a time of unity and strength. We have a common enemy, actually, an enemy of the World, the CoronaVirus. We must beat it as quickly and safely as possible. There is nothing more important to me than the life & safety of the United States!