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Japan’s former defence minister and leadership contender Taro Kono says the country should work with allies via the AUKUS security pact to send a warning to China.

AUKUS was a defining effort against China, admitted America’s Asia security head

AUKUS SUB DEAL | NUKE PROLIFERATION CONCERN Australia is expected to seek an exemption from the IAEA's safeguards system as the country proposes the deployment of its first nuclear submarines.

'Melding of Services': #Australia  Won’t Lose ‘Sovereignty’ Under #AUKUS , says Biden’s 'Asia Tsar'

The U.S.-led AUKUS pact gives Australia nuclear submarine tech but is triggering debate on IAEA safeguards, which were meant to stop non-nuclear-weapon states from developing such vessels. #AUKUS 

A senior White House advisor has dismissed criticisms the AUKUS deal between Australia and the US and the UK is "doomed to fail". Via @SARAHbthe 

Kurt Campbell, Biden’s top adviser on Asia, said there was a “shared ambition” to deliver Australia a fleet of nuclear submarines under the AUKUS defence pact, a move “among the most significant things that we accomplish”. | @Gallo_Ways  #AUKUS  #Auspol 

Key US Indo-Pacific affairs co-ordinator says AUKUS partnership will be one of the Joe Biden's most significant achievements in office, paving the way for a new strategic intimacy between the allies.


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When asked about AUKUS, Indonesian Minister of Defense @Prabowo08  said 'officially our position is that of course, South East Asia should remain nuclear free... but the emphasis of every country is to protect their national interest... and we understand that.' #IISSMD21 

This AUKUS arrangement would witness a further dramatic loss of Australian sovereignty, as materiel dependency on the US would rob Australia of any freedom or choice in any engagement it may deem appropriate, writes Paul Keating | OPINION #AUKUS 

Turnmbull has just ripped Morrison several new ones in his NPC address. Mainly over AUKUS and “deceitful” nuclear sub not-yet-a-deal. “What it tells you is that Australia cannot be trusted.”

🥀 𝙇𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙙𝙞𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙙. They've declared the AUKUS alliance with our closest allies as 'dangerous'. 🌳 Only the @Conservatives  will back our Armed Forces and work with our allies. #Lab21 

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Exclusive: @EU_Commission  President@UvdLeyen  reacts to the AUKUS fallout. “One of our member states has been treated in a way that is not acceptable,” she tells me. “We want to know what happened and why.” Full interview airs at 7pCET a @cnnid  tonight ( @PBSistings  vary).

President Biden standing virtually alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia & Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom. They’re announcing the creation of an enhanced trilateral security partnership called “AUKUS” — Australia, the United Kingdom, & the U.S.

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President Biden announces the creation of AUKUS, a new security and military partnership between the U.S., Australia and United Kingdom: "This is about investing in our greatest source of strength — our alliances."

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating issued a fiery statement response to the AUKUS partnership, questioning what chance the US would have in "a full blown war against China" if it "could not beat a bunch of Taliban rebels with AK47 rifles in pickup tracks".

Starting a new cold war will not bring peace, justice and human rights to the world. #AUKUS