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Benefits of the AUKUS partnership will extend across the Indo-Pacific, home to more than half the world’s people and nearly two-thirds of the world’s economy. It reinforces our collective strength by weaving our transatlantic and Indo-Pacific allies and partners closer together.

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Retired former Army General Peter Leahy says the AUKUS submarines will take some time to deliver, but it’s “necessary and welcomed”.

The AUKUS announcement has secured thousands of jobs for South Australia, where eight world-class nuclear submarines will be built.

Commentary: AUKUS, the Anglosphere and the return of great power rivalry

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Shadow Defence Minister Andrew Hastie says the Opposition has “great concerns” about the budget and how the AUKUS submarines will be paid for.

AUKUS created for fighting’: Push for Indonesia to refuse access to subs -- “Indonesia expects Australia to remain consistent in fulfilling its obligations under the NPT [Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons]..."

Our cartoonist's take on the three-nation Aukus deal for nuclear submarines

Former prime minister Scott Morrison says China's rapid military build-up was at "the top of the list" of factors driving the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal he brokered in deep secrecy with the United States and the United Kingdom. @begley_patrick 

Aukus submarine deal: Is conflict with China getting closer?

Australia live news: Morrison says China threat inspired Aukus deal, Woodside directors face climate challenge


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Paul Keating has previously described the AUKUS subs deal as like 'throwing a handful of toothpicks at the mountain'. It's fair to say he'll have a whole lot more to say about it today in his @PressClubAust  appearance, hosted by @latingle . 12.30pm AEDT @ABCTV  @abcnews  #auspol 

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GBDeal done USAU Our new AUKUS submarine deal is a boost for British jobs and global security.

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The PM has announced that the UK will ramp up investment in defence to meet the challenges of an increasingly volatile & complex world. This £5bn investment will bolster ammunitions, modernise the UK’s nuclear enterprise & fund the next phase of the AUKUS submarine programme.

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Putin says the "Anglo-Saxons" are behind the sabotage on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines this week. Then he pivots to ranting about Nato and other US-led alliances like AUKUS. He says US military doctrine is "total domination" of the whole world.

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12 months ago, Scott Morrison unveiled the AUKUS security pact which would bind Australia, the UK and the US together for decades. A year on, @d_hardaker  unpicks the making of the secretive $170bn submarine deal. Read part one here [FREE TO READ] #auspol 

Morrison can’t help himself but lie about national security. Whether it was lying to the Biden Administration about consulting Labor on AUKUS, lying to the French about subs, or lying about Howard‘s Liberal Govt killing the Quad in 2007. He’s just a deadset liar.

Scott Morrison's AUKUS announcement never added up politically or in strategic terms. Now he's rushing to try to fix his own error, writes @BernardKeane .

This AUKUS arrangement would witness a further dramatic loss of Australian sovereignty, as materiel dependency on the US would rob Australia of any freedom or choice in any engagement it may deem appropriate, writes Paul Keating | OPINION #AUKUS 

Turnmbull has just ripped Morrison several new ones in his NPC address. Mainly over AUKUS and “deceitful” nuclear sub not-yet-a-deal. “What it tells you is that Australia cannot be trusted.”

Starting a new cold war will not bring peace, justice and human rights to the world. #AUKUS