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I have never seen an 'Emperor's New Clothes' situation as openly as I did from 2008-2016. What surprised me wasn't Obama, he was clear about who he was in the Audacity of Hope. What surprised me is how far the mediocrity had spread in terms of Dems ignoring policy choices.

On my way home. I know what I will be doing during the flight and quarantine. Read ”Dreams of My Father” and ”The Audacity of Hope”. Liked both, a lot. Looking forward to this one. #PromisedLand  @BarackObama 

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I wrote a short on #EndSARS , Fela Kuti, accountability, young people and the audacity of hope Nigeria’s EndSARS protests have been about much more than police brutality

“The Audacity Of Hope”, a triptych. Mixed media with roast chicken, 2020

'If Barack Obama won the US presidency in 2008 on the audacity of hope, then the maverick Mr Musk has built his career on the audacity of hype.'

The audacity of Hope Hicks and her boss getting COVID-19

He has been called the most literary president since Abraham Lincoln and has already written two highly praised, million-selling books: “Dreams from My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope,” both of which have been cited as aiding his presidential run in 2008

DNC's audacity of hope was that America is really empathetic and good @Will_Bunch  / The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Daily News | DNC’s audacity of hope was that America is really empathetic and good | Will Bunch


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“It was a Barack Obama quieter and louder than we had heard before,” our TV critic @poniewozik  writes about the former president’s speech at the DNC. “The audacity of hope was tempered by the veracity of the stakes.”

Audacity, Hope & History. @JoyAnnReid  & I edited a book of President#Obama 's speeches. Pre-orders, retweets welcome

Finally, I still have joy and the "audacity of hope." We've come to far to allow a big serial liar try to bully us. #GOTV  #EarlyVote 

"70 yrs ago the UN was born -- out of necessity, audacity & hope." Ban Ki-moon on #UN70 

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"Hope in the face of difficulty; hope in the face of uncertainty; the audacity of hope!" -Pres. Obama #DemsInPhilly 

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Tonight I ask u to do for Hillary like u have done for me. U all have vindicated the audacity of Hope, now I'm ready to pass the baton." PBO

Ansar Ali & Saiful Ali, two #KamduniRape  convicts, had the audacity to hit brother of the victim in court today. Hope the bastards hang

The UN was born out of necessity, audacity & hope. Ban Ki-moon on the #UN70  anniversary:

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