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Black men in the United States are imprisoned at nearly six times the rate of white men, but for US Attorney General William Barr, in his world of Trump-like denial, "I don't think that the law enforcement system is systemically racist.”

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Is Trump's top cop, attorney general William Barr, a danger to democracy?

WATCH: House Democrats repeatedly interrupt Attorney General William Barr at Tuesday's contentious Judiciary Committee hearing.

Opinion: In slightly more than 500 days in office, Attorney General William Barr has pivoted from establishment D.C. attorney into President Trump’s family lawyer

Here’s Why Attorney General William Barr Is 1 Of Trump’s Best Hires

@RepMDean  an @RepJayapal  accused Attorney General William Barr of being sexist and hostile during his contentious Judiciary Committee testimony on Tuesday.

US Attorney General William Barr recognizes that the only way he can obtain European cooperation in the prosecution of ISIS suspects is by foregoing the death penalty.

Attorney General William Barr's decision marks "a fundamental shift in the discussion," said one senior official. "This was the first breakthrough we've had in a long time."

When Attorney General William Barr announced a new top federal prosecutor in Brooklyn this month, it was a promotion for one of his closest advisers in Washington

The entire Federal Appeals Court in Washington said that it would take up a case involving Attorney General William Barr’s decision to drop the prosecution of Michael Flynn, erasing a split decision by a 3-judge panel ordering an immediate end to the case


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Attorney-General William Barr just now. "This is a hearing. I thought I was supposed to be heard."

JUST IN: Nearly 2000 Justice Dept. officials have signed onto a letter calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign over what they describe as his improper intervention in the criminal case of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Today I penned a letter to Attorney General William Barr, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, and FBI Director Christopher Wray calling for an investigation into Antifa under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

JUST IN: AG William Barr responds to SDNY attorney Geoffrey Berman: "Unfortunately, with your statement of last night, you have chosen public spectacle over public service... I have asked the President to remove you as of today, and he has done so."

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Donald Ayer, who preceded Barr as deputy attorney general under George H.W. Bush: "I am here because I believe that William Barr poses the greatest threat in my lifetime to our rule of law and to public trust in it."

“Law professors and faculty from George Washington University Law School, Attorney General William Barr's alma mater, said in a letter Tuesday he has ‘failed to fulfill his oath of office to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ “

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler subpoenas two Department of Justice whistleblowers — John W. Elias and Aaron S.J. Zelinsky — saying they “are prepared to describe the unprecedented politicization of the Department under President Trump and Attorney General William Barr.“

I have never seen another Attorney General like William Barr. Its like watching Fox News in primetime.

BREAKING: Attorney General William Barr tonight directed immigration judges to deny bond hearings to asylum seekers. Our Constitution does not allow the government to lock up asylum seekers without basic due process. We'll see the administration in court. Again.

Attorney General William Barr’s Press Conference today at 9:30 AM ET. Watch on @FoxNews  @OANN