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Editorial: Federal prosecutors found Massachusetts prison inmates suffering from serious mental illness are subjected to conditions that violate their constitutional rights. US Attorney Andrew Lelling must make sure reforms are implemented.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said the scheme involved plans to build a resort and casino in Taunton. The indictment alleges that Cromwell spent all of the money on personal expenses, including payments to his mistress.

Federal watchdog says voters should have confidence in the integrity of the 2020 election. Good information here from U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling. @DMAnews1  @boston25 

Federal watchdogs are working to keep Election 2020 safe and secure. I go one-on-one with U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling next @boston25  at 4. @DMAnews1 

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US Attorney Andrew Lelling taps Mass. federal prosecutor as district election monitor for state

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling and the FBI will investigate a fire set at a ballot dropbox in Copley Square.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling announces a new task force in Massachusetts designed to help state and local law enforcement officials investigate and prosecute civil rights violations.

In today's paper: To win crucial Pennsylvania, Trump leans heavily on unfounded fears of massive voter fraud, US Attorney Andrew Lelling, Boston police commissioner put focus on hate groups, vow to protect the polls, and more.

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Three people were charged in federal court in Boston on Friday in connection with a multi-million dollar Medicare fraud scheme, U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling said.

ANDOVER — A former employee of the IRS Service Center in Andover pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping prepare and file at least 70 false tax returns for herself and others, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling.


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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother set off a pair of homemade pressure-cooker bombs near the finish line in 2013. A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said his office is reviewing the decision

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China makes million-dollar donations to U.S. universities all over the country. Many lack transparency and reporting. In my latest podcast, I look into these dangerous dealings with my guest is US District Attorney, Andrew Lelling. @DMAnews1 

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling: The parents charged chose to illegally manipulate the system -- WATCH LIVE HERE:

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NEW / Statement from U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling: “Today's charges are the result of ongoing investigation in the nationwide college admissions case...." 1/2

U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling says the person, "A.S." had been administratively arrested and deported twice before. He says, “this case is not about immigration but is about the rule of law.” Adding, “if the law is not applied equally it cannot be applied to everyone.”

The scheme, which began in 2011, is the largest college admissions scam that’s ever been prosecuted, said U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling: The parents "knowingly help their children cheat or buy [them] admission to elite schools through fraud"

NEW: U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling says this is the largest college admittance scam ever charged by the Department of Justice.

U.S. Attorney Andrew E. Lelling: "Between roughly 2011 & 2018, wealthy parents paid Singer about $25 million in total to guarantee their children's admission to elite schools including Yale, Georgetown, Stanford, USC, UT, UCLA, and Wake Forest."

"There can be no separate college admission for wealthy, and I will add there will not be a separate criminal justice system either, " Andrew Lelling, U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, said. (9/9) #NBCNewsThreads 

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"This case is about the widening corruption of elite college admissions through the steady application of wealth combined with fraud," Andrew Lelling, the U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts, says of college admissions scam.

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