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Dr. Anthony Fauci on @MSNBC  tells @chucktodd  he does not have the ear of the President in the same way as Dr. atlas'>Scott Atlas. Despite the US hitting record highs in new single day #COVID19  cases, the #COVID  task force is only meeting once a week.

CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE: Dr. Anthony Fauci revealed Friday that Pres. Trump has not attended a COVID-19 Task Force meeting in months. Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist, now reportedly has the president’s ear, not Dr. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert.

EFF's "Atlas of Surveillance" shows, city by city, how police departments across America use a variety of new surveillance tech to spy on their residents. What do your local police use?

Atlas Aegis of Tennessee agrees to keep its "security" operations out of Minnesota until 2022 in a settlement with state Attorney General Keith Ellison.

Fauci said he no longer had the president's ear as much as Dr. Scott Atlas, proponent of a controversial strategy.

Atlas Aegis of Tennessee agrees to keep its "security" operations out of Minnesota until 2022 in a settlement.

As summer ended, atlas'>Scott Atlas, whose "commentary on Fox News led President Trump to recruit him to the White House, consolidated his power over" the administration's COVID-19 response, writes @costareports . For more analysis watch tonight’s #WashWeekPBS .

Tony Fauci tells @chucktodd  that it has been “SEVERAL MONTHS” since President Trump has joined a coronavirus task force meeting.   Fauci added that he does not have the president’s ear “as much as atlas'>Scott Atlas right now.”

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@DrFauci2024  o @MSNBC  on direct talks with the President Trump abou #coronavirus  : “I have not done that in a while.” He says Dr. Scott Atlas has more of the President’s ear.


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This WP investigation, based on inside reporting, finds that Trump and like-minded advisers — in particular, atlas'>Scott Atlas — have abandoned the war on the virus. They've decided to accept mass infection, and they've undercut measures to stop the spread. /1

Off to the side of the White House event, not wearing a mask: Dr. Scott Atlas

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Just saw a Trump ad that features Fauci endorsing his handling of virus. Trump has sidelined Fauci in favor of people like atlas'>Scott Atlas who has spread misinformation about COVID. Is Fauci aware he’s being used in a Trump ad?

First, Atlas the robot backflipped. Then, it could do parkour. Now, this @BostonDynamics  machine can do a gymnastic routine. It's ... evolving ?

atlas'>Scott Atlas outside west wing moments ago. No mask. From our pool feed.

When the @POTUS  wants to present a skewed picture of the virus and what it requires, he sends out Dr. Atlas, who has no background in public health or epidemiology, to parrot the party line. When the POTUS requires treatment, he seeks out experts who know what they’re doing.

So @YouTube  just took down a June 23 interview that atlas'>Scott Atlas@SWAtlasHoover ) did with his employer, Stanford's @HooverInst , because it "contradicts the World Health Organization or local health authorities' medical information about COVID-19."

Last week we reported Dr. Birx was concerned Atlas is feeding Trump bad information. Earlier today, NBC reported CDC Dir. Redfield has similar concerns. Moments ago, Fauci suggested there is an "outlier" on the task force. More on @CNN  at top of hour.

Don't look now, but @BostonDynamics ' robot Atlas is back. And now it can do parkour.

🚀 We have LIFTOFF to Mars! The @ulalaunch  Atlas V takes flight with our @NasaPersevere  rover. The #CountdownToMars  continues as Perseverance begins her 7-month journey to the Red Planet!