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We’re working with the @AmericanLegion  to secure an “ATLASPod" in Arizona, helping more veterans access care.

One of the oldest items in our Cartographic holdings is the Polus Antarcticusatlas page. Published in the 1630s by Henricus Hondius, a Dutch cartographer and engraver, the map is one of the first to depict the South Pole area. #ArchivesYouAreHere  #maps 

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So what’s it like in the atlas chatroom rn?

$ATCO Atlas Corp. Common Shares Top stock up 124% from low. Close: 14.00 VolvsAvg: 1.36 Liq: $13M

$ATCO: Atlas Corp entered into an agreement with a major shipyard for the construction of eight high-quality...

Price of #nickel  plunges 7.5% but where is the battery metal produced? The @SPGlobalPlatts  Atlas of #energytransition  shows the world's biggest mines.

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#California Tradable Renewable Energy Certificates was the best performing #energytransition  price assessment in 2020 published by @SPGlobalPlatts  according to the atlas'>Platts Atlas of ET. Get info on 30 key assessments in the Benchmarks chapter:

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Predicting demand for #EVs  is vital for reducing #emissions  and #Oil  consumption. The @SPGlobalPlatts  Atlas of #energytransition  shows how the market with grow to almost 10 million vehicles by 2025. #ESG 

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🚀 We have LIFTOFF to Mars! The @ulalaunch  Atlas V takes flight with our @NasaPersevere  rover. The #CountdownToMars  continues as Perseverance begins her 7-month journey to the Red Planet!

Don't look now, but @BostonDynamics ' robot Atlas is back. And now it can do parkour.

What? Check out Boston Dynamic's ATLAS robots dancing to The Contours - “Do You Love Me”. We’re doomed...

First, Atlas the robot backflipped. Then, it could do parkour. Now, this @BostonDynamics  machine can do a gymnastic routine. It's ... evolving ?

So @YouTube  just took down a June 23 interview that atlas'>Scott Atlas@SWAtlasHoover ) did with his employer, Stanford's @HooverInst , because it "contradicts the World Health Organization or local health authorities' medical information about COVID-19."

This WP investigation, based on inside reporting, finds that Trump and like-minded advisers — in particular, atlas'>Scott Atlas — have abandoned the war on the virus. They've decided to accept mass infection, and they've undercut measures to stop the spread. /1

Just saw a Trump ad that features Fauci endorsing his handling of virus. Trump has sidelined Fauci in favor of people like atlas'>Scott Atlas who has spread misinformation about COVID. Is Fauci aware he’s being used in a Trump ad?

When the @POTUS  wants to present a skewed picture of the virus and what it requires, he sends out Dr. Atlas, who has no background in public health or epidemiology, to parrot the party line. When the POTUS requires treatment, he seeks out experts who know what they’re doing.

Last week we reported Dr. Birx was concerned Atlas is feeding Trump bad information. Earlier today, NBC reported CDC Dir. Redfield has similar concerns. Moments ago, Fauci suggested there is an "outlier" on the task force. More on @CNN  at top of hour.

In a pandemic, infection numbers are a lousy way to measure the danger of the disease. Yes, people will get sick. But the question is who? And how sick? And what is the mortality rate? Is it going up, or down. Atlas gets this.