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John Birt, the director general of the BBC at the time of MartinBashir’s famous Panorama interview with Princess Diana, now says Bashir was a “serial liar on an industrial scale”

California fully reopened its economy today. Changes at all sorts of public spaces will be dramatic, said Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles County public health director.

Christian Eriksen is recovering from Saturday's collapse at the European Championship match, but according to Inter Milan's director, his condition was not Covid-related. "[He] didn't have Covid and wasn't vaccinated either"

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'It's more uncertainty.' Theatre Director Zoë Curnow tells LBC 'things are tough' after Boris Johnson announced the June 21 'Freedom Day' would be delayed. @ShelaghFogarty  | @minacktheatre 

Ex-BBC director-generals are savaged by MPs over Diana interview scandal

[WATCH] Today on #ClosingBellWestAfrica : Join Rana Adib, Executive Director@ren21 , to discuss how Climate Policy promises in the past decade have mostly been empty words. Tune into #DSTV410  at 14h30 WAT. #CBWA 

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BBC Director Generals Eat Humble Pie & Savage “Serial Liar” Martin Bashir Over The Princess Diana Scandal

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WATCH: @stoontransit  has a new app for people looking to pay from their phone when taking the bus. @SaskMorningNews  finds out more from Saskatoon Transit director Jim McDonald. More Morning News videos:


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BREAKING: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala from Nigeria is appointed as the next WTO Director-General. Dr. Okonjo-Iweala makes history as the first woman and the first African to lead the WTO. Her term starts on the 1st of March 2021. More details soon. #WTODG  @NOIweala 

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🚨🚨🚨 A @CNN  director is caught on video admitting that the focus of CNN's news coverage in 2020 was "to get Trump out of office" & that they engaged in "propaganda" to make it happen. CNN isn't a news organization, they're a Democrat Super PAC!!!

Thank you Bruce Arians for showing the world that all 3 of your coordinators can be black, your assistant head coach can be black, you can have 2 full time women coaches and be the best team in the world. BA you’re a trail blazer. Leadership doesn’t have a look!

Coronavirus: Monkeys 'escape with COVID-19 samples' after attacking lab assistant

...votes from Trump to Biden, late voting, and many more. Therefore, effective immediately, Chris Krebs has been terminated as Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

I am pleased to announce that Christopher C. Miller, the highly respected Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (unanimously confirmed by the Senate), will be Acting Secretary of Defense, effective immediately..

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s decision to cancel all election security briefings for the Congress is a shocking abdication of its responsibility to keep Congress informed.

The Black Lives Matter managing director thanks @BTS_twt  and @bts_bighit  for their $1 million donation: "We are moved by the generosity of BTS and allies all over the world who stand in solidarity in the fight for Black lives"

FBI Director Christopher Wray just admitted that the FISA Warrants and Survailence of my campaign were illegal. So was the Fake Dossier. THEREFORE, THE WHOLE SCAM INVESTIGATION, THE MUELLER REPORT AND EVERYTHING ELSE FOR THREE YEARS, WAS A FIXED HOAX. WHO PAYS THE PRICE?....

“FBI Director apologizes for FISA Errors (of which there were far to many to be a coincidence!).” @FoxNews  Chris, what about all of the lives that were ruined because of the so-called “errors?” Are these “dirty cops” going to pay a big price for the fraud they committed?