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An oceans research collaboration with China will be axed after an ASIO warning it could help its navy hunt Australian submarines.

Murdoch doesn't care about profiteering from the rise of far-right extremism, now around 40% of ASIO's counter-terrorism cases. Murdoch's employees should ask themselves: what if they were promoting and celebrating violence against someone more like them?

Push for Hezbollah terrorism listing gains boost from ASIO | @nickbonyhady 

Secret trials should not be held as a ‘matter of principle’, Asio chief tells hearing

Secret trials should not be held as a ‘matter of principle’, Asio chief tells hearing

Since ASIO has confirmed that a majority of the work they do is focused on far-right extremism, there should be no more 'whataboutism'. Far-right extremism is the most serious national threat and it needs to be dealt with by the Morrison Government now.

The head of national security agency ASIO says tech giants including Facebook are making it hard for authorities to protect Australians from terror attacks. This is why.

ASIO reconsiders whether Liberal Party donor Huifeng 'Haha' Liu is national security risk

Liberal Senator@SenPaterson  says "a terrorist attack remains likely to occur in the next 12 months" following comments made by the ASIODirector-General about the increasing risks of terrorism.

Australia's top spy has sent a chilling warning over threats of religious and ideological extremists. The ASIO boss spoke of "multiple religiously motivated violent extremists that want to kill Australians." @ccroucher9  #9News 


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Liberal Party donor Haha Liu 'engaged in acts of foreign interference': ASIO

ASIO red-flags Chinese businessman and Liberal Party donor 'Haha' Liu as security risk

BREAKING: The Government has just rushed Peter Dutton's sweeping new ASIO laws through parliament without amendment.

BREAKING: The lower house has just passed Peter Dutton's dangerous new laws to give ASIO sweeping new powers to track, surveil and question citizens.

BREAKING: On the very last sitting day of the year Peter Dutton is trying to ram through sweeping new powers for ASIO. Laws that could target kids as young as 14, journalists, whistleblowers and protesters.

Heard about Peter Dutton’s plan to give ASIO unprecedented powers to track, surveil and interrogate citizens? Let a lawyer break them down for you in 60 seconds:

ASIO has issued a warning to Australian universities about Chinese government recruitment and the threat it poses to national security with the potential for scientific and research collaboration to turn into espionage.

David Fricker, ex ASIO, Australia's spy agency, now head of the National Archives, is defying a decision by the High Court to release letters between the Queen and Sir John Kerr, who infamously sacked an elected government. Again, democracy fails.

So comforting to see Dutton feeding raw red meat to the mad right.And in doing so, undermining the Head of ASIO who warned of far right extremist groups.Dutton then unilaterally brands Islamist territory groups “left”.Benito couldn’t have done it better.

So in the middle of an emerging corona virus crisis, here we have the right wing nut jobs of the Liberal Party attacking ASIO’s warning about the rise of right wing nut jobs across the country.That’s after Benito Dutton did the same. Talk about priorities!