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"I will not stand silent." 10 Asian Americans reflect on racism during the pandemic and the need for equality

Kung flu, a term dehumanizing Asian-Americans, escalates hate crime fueled by coronavirus fears.

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@viet_t_nguyen : “Asian Americans, while actively critical of anti-Asian racism, have not always stood up against anti-Black racism. Frequently, we have gone along with the status quo and affiliated with white people”

9-Year-Old Mega ‘Hamilton’ Fan Sees His Future in Broadway After Seeing Asian Americans Represented

Texas organizers and candidates hope to engage a key voting block in 2020: South Asian Americans

Spoke to New Jersey Leadership Program about the benefits of engaging in government. These are South Asian Americans in high school and college who participate in summer internships with mayors, state legislators, or the Governor’s office.

Three steps corporations can take to help level the playing field for Asian Americans.

APA member Dr. Lan Chi Vo: Asian Americans have reported an increase in discrimination during the #COVID19  pandemic, and Asian American health care providers are not immune. (op-ed via @thephillyvoice )

Racist attacks against Asian-Americans in the wake of coronavirus are still happening — most recently along California's Central Coast. This is what the rise of harassment against Asian people since the coronavirus pandemic looks like. #VICEonSHO 

Asian Americans are a diverse population--comprising of more than 100 ancestral ties to Asia. It is important to inquire about these ties when providing mental health services. APA's Best Practices Working with Asian American Patients may help. #MMHM 

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Asian Americans are VERY angry at what China has done to our Country, and the World. Chinese Americans are the most angry of all. I don’t blame them!

Trump’s unchecked racist and xenophobic rhetoric against Asian Americans and Asian immigrants directly puts their lives at risk. It’s dangerous. There is no excuse for this.

@PressSec  says President Trump using the term kung-flu is a "indictment" on China and not about blaming Asian Americans for the virus. Note: Many Americans, including Asian Americans who have faced increased attacks during the pandemic, find the term racist and offensive.

In March, @KellyannePolls  said that "kung flu" was "highly offensive" and mentioned her husband and kids, who have Asian heritage, because obviously it's especially offensive to Asian-Americans. President Trump just used the term for a third time. To raucous applause.

An Asian American father and his 2-year-old and 6-year-old were stabbed because the perpetrator thought they were Chinese and had coronavirus. Donald Trump has put the lives of Asian Americans and Asian immigrants at risk.

“The other day, I got stopped in the subway and one of the passengers started screaming racial slurs at me. I was dressed in scrubs....” Scrubs or no scrubs, this is not okay. We must speak out against attacks on Asian Americans and Asian immigrants.

Trump: "We have to protect our Asian Americans." Q: What concrete measure are you taking to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans? Trump: "Well I don't know. All I know is Asian Americans in our country are doing fantastically well. I am very close to them as you know."

My Q: Are WH officials using term "Kong-Flu" to describe coronavirus wrong? And, are you concerned that term "Chinese virus" will put Asian-Americans at risk of being targeted? Pres Trump: "Not at all. I think they probably would agree with it 100 percent." Full video below.

No, Mr. McCarthy, nationality has no bearing on your likelihood of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Misinformation like that leads to discrimination against Asian-Americans. That kind of destructive xenophobia has no place in our society, or our public health response.

What did Elizabeth Warren tweet mean:”Black trans and cis women, gender-nonconforming, and nonbinary people are the backbone of our democracy “not veterans, latinos,asian americans,native americans,white Americans-Warren has a pretty exclusionary and narrow backbone of democracy-