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David Kato was Uganda's first openly gay man and at the head of many of the gay rights struggles there. He was murdered on January 26, 2011.

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There's 'a lot of potential' for Sony this year, says Mio Kato of LightStream Research

DJ Vlad currently has parts of interviews going up with Smokey Robinson, Kato Kaelin, Peter Shue and Tony Yayo.

knowing she would make her self very vulnerable and that a lot of hate possibly would concentrate on her and that being without own damage. To negate wrong doings of Kato just because she made a mistake herself afterwards is part of the typical smear campaign to hide stuff. 6/6

She builds a logical structure leaving it to the reader if they feel that the behavior of Kato is acceptable or not. She never had a bad encounter with him before that and just felt the need to support multiple women that came to her to talk about emotional abuse. 2/6

I pointed out if she wanted Kato removed, she should be removed as well. I mean, threatening someone doesn't fit the values of the OGC either.

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@photoxNFT  After seeing this, I'm lead to ask - are you the one in the message who threatened to doxx Kato? Because whoever did (and they were hiding behind an OGC acct while doing so) needs to do better too. Threatening people - no matter what they have done - isn't the way either.

@rebekah_bastian  @OGCollective200A  lot of us not involved (& therefore we may have a more objective view) have had to watch this unfold in our feed. IMO if you want Kato to be removed, I feel you should be removed. Threatening someone? That isn't befitting of the OG Collectives values that are preached.

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Marine Cpl. Lawrence Heaston, who recently returned from fighting in Vietnam, drops the first contribution to the Star-Bulletin and Salvation Army’s Christmas fund into the kettle held by Salvation Army soldier Irene Kato. 📷: Star-Advertiser / Nov. 25, 1965

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Timing, temperature, and method of folding are crucial when you make #desserts : Japanese Chef Asami Indo


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THE END OF BELOVED SAKUMA'S DROPS A beloved Japanese candy eaten by generations, so iconic it even appeared in a hit anime film, has come to the end of the line, a victim of surging raw material and energy prices. Photos by Issei Kato/Reuters

Today I asked Kenly Kiya Kato, President Biden’s nominee to be judge of the Central District of California, if racial discrimination is wrong. She was unable to answer that simple question.

A decade ago, Sakae Kato stayed behind to rescue cats abandoned by neighbors who fled the radiation clouds belching from the nearby Fukushima nuclear plant. He won't leave 1/7

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🔥Drop your nft🔥 today we are buying me and the legends @bavugar  @RealKatoOG  @EtherStu  @isaidelgoley  @unchained_ninja 

Ursula, Bugs Bunny, and Asami Sato. They are three of the 259 LGBTQ characters Insider found in cartoons. Queer culture has historically been present in this space. But, small-screen LGBTQ representation both exploded and shifted over the past decade.

Kato has also rescued a dog, Pochi. With no running water, he has to fill bottles from a nearby mountain spring, and drive to public toilets 4/7

'I want to make sure I am here to take care of the last one,' Kato said from his home in the contaminated quarantine zone. He leaves food for feral cats in a storage shed he heats with a paraffin stove 3/7

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The Biden Administration has a pattern of nominating left-wing activists to the bench. Kenly Kiya Kato is no exception.

Career-first: just interviewed a sweet bunny, 4 1/2-month-old therapy bunny Alex, and he gave me a kiss, too. It belongs to Kei Kato, who lost her restaurant during COVID.

Rumor is is furious that is being called “the Kato Kaelin’of Capitol Hill.” I mean, Kato never conspired to destroy the environment!