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Germany: You have just a few hours left to submit your concerns and comments on #Article13 , the Copyright Directive.

Crowdfunding campaign launched to stop EU’s new copyright regulations - #surveillance  #article13 /17

Article 13 gets FINAL approval - Bad news for Kodi and Pirate Bay users #Article13 

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#Article13's backers swore that it wouldn't require filters, but now its top EU Commissioner booster says it does

#uploadfilters - that's what #article13  means, always has. here, they admit it. ever felt you were conned, MEPs...?


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'Never forget what they did here' - #Snowden  decries #EU  decision to pass #Article13 

Europe just passed a sweeping overhaul of copyright rules that could change the internet as we know it #Article13 

#Article13#article11  It's shit like this that made people vote for a #brexit 

Europeans! Tell your MEPs that your vote depends on their rejection of #Article13 !

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The EU's proposed #Article13  wouldn't just mean upload filters for websites. Your favourite game could be next.

Europeans marched over the weekend to protest #Article13 . We can still stop it.

Europe's biggest sports leagues and movie studios disavow #Article13 , say it will give #BigTech  even more control

#Article13's supporters have spun, distorted, and obfuscated the facts to convince us that it's not about filters.

Censorship is the right word for #Article13 . Here's why.