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NEW: Is Biden already involving the US militarily in defending Taiwan against China, as he said he’d do? US officials have sped up efforts to reshape Taiwan’s arsenal. And they're pushing a greater US military presence in the region. w/ @EricSchmittNYT .

While findings suggest we might want to add tecomirivat in our monkeypox-fighting arsenal, some experts say we’re still in the very early stages where we can’t be too quick to jump to any conclusions.

Police seize $2.2 million of drugs, arsenal of weapons from Fort Worth suburb

Experts have said #NorthKorea  ’s testing is aimed at modernizing its weapons arsenal. Read the full story below

Ukraine hosted approximately one-third of the Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal but importantly did not have control over them and could not launch them, writes @PatriciaMary  @ChathamHouseISR ).

You need to add these lip balms to your beauty arsenal ASAP.

Juventus believe they can sign Gabriel from Arsenal as Serie A giants step up pursuit


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Zelensky: “Our military managed to replenish its arsenal due to the many pieces of equipment it took on the battlefield. Enemy tanks, armored vehicles, ammo will now work for our defense. What could be more humiliating for the invaders? We’ll beat the enemy with its own weapons.”

As a kid growing up, I’ve cheered for @Arsenal as long as I can remember. If KSE would like to sell Arsenal I'd be happy to throw my hat in the ring.

The Arsenal. Today, tomorrow, forever.

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Up early for the Leicester , Arsenal game !! ⚽️

Welcome to The Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe ? ?? #PepeIsHere  ⚡️

Congratulations on an incredible 22-year career at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, and best of luck for the rest of the season… apart from on your 60th game against us next Sunday ?

It’s official… @PetrCech  has agreed to join @Arsenal ! Full story here: #WelcomeCech 

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