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The living legend had won again, but before leaving Arrowhead Stadium, he wanted some face time with the future.

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce tells @RobMaaddi  the Raiders' victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium last month has him excited to play them again this week. Catch the full interview in the latest AP Pro Football Podcast. Listen/subscribe:

A community blood drive is underway at Arrowhead Stadium. You have until 7 p.m. to sign up to donate and receive a Chiefs shirt!

As the autumn wind blusters around the Chiefs facility, the memory of the Raiders blustering into Arrowhead Stadium and winning is still fresh.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes honored for his efforts to help turn Arrowhead Stadium into a polling location in this month’s elections.

SO COOL! The U.S. #Army  Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration team, the #BlackDaggers , made an amazing jump into Arrowhead Stadium before the Kansas City #Chiefs  game against the Cardinals. Watch from the plane as they drop in with a U.S. flag!

STILL, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! ❤️ US 💛 Two years ago, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration team, the Black Daggers, made an amazing jump into Arrowhead Stadium before the Chiefs game against the Cardinals. #ChiefsKingdom 

PANTHERS FALL TO CHIEFS: The Carolina Panthers put up a fight but the Kansas City Chiefs and star quarterback Patrick Mahomes showed championship pedigree on Sunday defeating the Panthers at Arrowhead Stadium, 33-31.

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A fan who attended the Kansas City Chiefs' opening night game at Arrowhead Stadium on September 10 has tested positive for Covid-19, and it has prompted the health department to direct 10 people to quarantine

? UNDEFEATED NO MORE ? Jacoby Brissett and the Colts get their revenge as they go to Arrowhead Stadium and take down the Chiefs!

Colts have won as many postseason games at Arrowhead Stadium (2) as the Chiefs have all time. Last time Chiefs won home playoff game was 25 years ago, when Joe Montana led them to a victory in 1993 wild-card round, at a time when Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill weren’t born yet.

National Weather Service is projecting an arctic blast to settle over Kansas City for Sunday's AFC Championship Game vs Patriots, reports the . Temperatures at kickoff could range from 10 degrees to well below zero, making it the coldest game in Arrowhead Stadium history.

Chiefs’ fan who flashed a laser on Tom Brady during the AFC Championship game now has been banned from Arrowhead Stadium and will face charges, per league sources.

Why We Love Sports Today: Eric Berry received standing ovation in return to Arrowhead Stadium after battling cancer.

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#Chiefs S Eric Berry, who will get one of the loudest ovations we’ve heard at Arrowhead Stadium tonight, is going to start and be on a pitch count, I’m told. He’ll take it slow — not having played since Week 1 of 2017 — but KC’s leader on D is back from Achilles & heel injuries.

@Stuntman1429  receives incredible welcome from @Chiefs  fans in his return to Arrowhead Stadium. #BerryStrong 

GET LOUD! Chiefs announce Arrowhead Stadium sets new Guinness World Record for loudest stadium after reaching 142.2 decibels vs Patriots.