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Armenia Street,a cobbled wonder of bars&books, restaurants&respites,that trips up to #Beirut ’s port looks like parts of Gaza in 2014 war. The facades of 2 buildings begin sliding like butter to the floor. Fridge-sized rocks pin a melted car to the ground

This was one of the busiest restaurant and bar streets in #Beirut  known as Armenia street. It now looks like parts of Gaza did in 2014 #Lebanon 

Rescuers just freed a dog trapped under the rubble on Armenia Street ❤️- this building was standing yesterday. #Beirut  #Lebanon 

Once a week, on the corner of Armenia Avenue and State Street, you can find hundreds of boxes of fruits and vegetables stacked up on the curb, waiting to be loaded into cars and taken to Floridians in need.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Armenia turned off street lights and church bells rang across the country late last night to commemorate the victims of mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. A traditional torch-lit procession was not held.

These Moscow street acrobats have come up with an amazing way of making money. “Whoever gives the final donation we’ll announce as the best place on earth.” Smolensk! Tomsk! Armenia! Azerbaijan! Armenia! Azerbaijan! Armenia! Azerbaijan! (Notes keep flying in for about 10 min)

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SAD NEWS Sheriff officials say around 11:30 p.m. deputies responded to a rollover crash on 3rd Street in Armenia Township.

What a year it’s been in Armenia. Nikol Pashinyan had three seats in parliament - then he led a street protest movement that got the governing party to make him PM. In elections yesterday, he won 70% and the governing party didn’t make it into parliament

“From the first day that I went out onto the street I understood that something powerful was happening,” says a young protester in Armenia. “We all understood that ... our government is outdated and that we needed to change it.”

“We would go out for lunch and never come back," says young protester in Armenia. "We just stayed on the street.”


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Part 2/2 - The youth on the street are the only ones I trust with Armenia's future and my sites should be the only place you trust regarding my moves. I recorded this video last night. It’s dedicated to you, Armenia's peaceful resistance. #armeniaprotest 

BREAKING: Armenia's ruling party tells AP it will help opposition leader become prime minister if he cancels street protests.

After maneuvering to stay in power despite term limits, Armenia's leader bowed to street protests and resigned

Authorities in Armenia arrested dozens of activists in the wake of last month’s street protest @JaneMBuchanan 

Police block street in Armenia as thousands ‘peacefully’ protest against electricity bills

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