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Putin has congratulated Lukashenko on winning a contested presidential election in Belarus with 80% of the vote. Tikhanovskaya says she likely won that much and will refuse to recognize the result. But Russia doesn't seem interested in an Armenia-style "velvet revolution."

Starmus VI, which will be dedicated to Mars, set to take place in September 2021 in Yerevan, Armenia.

The State Department also issued numerous new "Level 3: reconsider travel" advisories, including for members of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Armenia, the Philippines, Laos and Australia.

Armenia Street,a cobbled wonder of bars&books, restaurants&respites,that trips up to #Beirut ’s port looks like parts of Gaza in 2014 war. The facades of 2 buildings begin sliding like butter to the floor. Fridge-sized rocks pin a melted car to the ground

Rescuers just freed a dog trapped under the rubble on Armenia Street ❤️- this building was standing yesterday. #Beirut  #Lebanon 


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In this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic, wishing Armenian PM @nikolpashinyan  and his family a speedy recovery. India stands with Armenia in the fight against COVID-19.

good evening europe daniel calling! my big points would go to: armenia - 12 italy - 10 belgium - 8 netherlands - 6 sweden - 7 #Eurovision 

? Money Spent on Defence: ? Man City = £281m ?? Latvia = £280m ?? Bosnia = £250m ?? Armenia = £225m ?? Paraguay = £145m ?? Ghana = £120m ? Placing them 94th in the world for Defence Budget. ?

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Ran into @IlhanMN  on the Hill and asked if I could ask her about the Armenia genocide vote and statement and her answer was “you may not.”

Best holiday destinations, 2020. 1. Pakistan 2. Plymouth, UK 3. Kyrgyzstan 4. Armenia 5. Salvador, Brazil 6. Kangaroo Island, Australia 7. Galway, Ireland 8. Siargao, Philippines 9. Paris, France 10. Egadi Islands, Italy (CN Traveller)

Today Trump: - Said Armenia massacres were not genocide - Sent an unhinged 6-page letter to Pelosi invoking the Salem Witch Trials Isn't this what the 25th Amendment was designed for?

It's scandalous that @HenrikhMkh  will miss the Europa League final in Baku because he's from Armenia - and that Arsenal fans with Armenian names are being denied visas. It shows a deeply ugly side to the beautiful game and is completely unacceptable.

Please accompany me with your prayers during my apostolic journey to Armenia.

I am happy to have visited Armenia, the first nation to accept Christianity as its religion, and I thank all for the welcome. #PopeInArmenia