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"Latinos in Arizona don’t trust her or see her as a true ally who is reliable in a crisis," writes @RubenNavarrette . "Kyrsten Sinema has been cagey—or worse—on immigration issues for years, dating back to her time in the Arizona state legislature."

Latinos blast Arizona Republican for saying Americans should be vaccinated before Hispanics

Certification of Biden's win in Arizona is a big deal. Immigration is losing its potency as a wedge issue even at Ground Zero for the Trumpist experiment. The Southwest is trending Dem. And this win complicates the "Trump winning Latinos" narrative:

Democrats are trying to figure out how to win over Latino voters in upcoming 2022 and 2024 elections. Latinos helped propel Joe Biden to win traditionally conservative Arizona, but elsewhere more Latino people voted for President Trump than expected.

President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign credits its success in Arizona to the immigrant-rights and grassroots organizations that have been mobilizing Latinos for nearly two decades.

"Demographic changes have led to projections that Arizona would turn blue, but without organizers mobilizing voters and engaging Latinos in continuing campaigns, the shift would not have happened at this pace and scale," writes @marisa_franco 

The 2020 election results showed the diversity of Latino voters. Here’s how the vast differences among Latinos may have influenced the election results in Texas, Arizona and Florida.

Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee didn't make inroads in Arizona by parachuting into the state or taking Latinos for granted, @fernandaNYT  writes. They benefited from the hard work of local Latino grass-roots organizers.

Latinos Helped Flip Arizona From Red To Blue

Joe Biden got lucky in Arizona with Latino voters, @fernandaNYT  writes. "As Texas and Florida showed, taking for granted — again — that Latinos will automatically serve up a dedicated cohort of voters proved to be a mistake."


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@MariaESalinas  explains how Latino voters mobilized for the 2020 election and could be a deciding factor in how Arizona is called: "Latinos are showing up and making a difference, in Arizona and elsewhere"

"No doubt Arizona Latinos got the job done. The state is turning blue for the first time in decades thanks to the work of many. ... Biden took 71% of the Latino vote, while President Trump took 26%, according to Latino Decisions’ exit polls."

If your election night prediction was: Trump does shockingly well with Latinos and Fox News foils his plan to declare victory by being only network to call Arizona for Biden, then take a bow

The 12 states we must target to #FireTrumpInNovember : Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missour and Kentucky. Focus on young voters, Black folks, Latinos and White women. Educate. Register. Mobilize. Organize. Vote.

“Tu lucha es mi lucha,” several signs read at a recent Black Lives Matter protest in Arizona. Your struggle is my struggle. Many Latinos are backing Black Lives Matter protests, while pushing for an acknowledgment of the systemic racism they face.

From opinion columnist @elviadiaz1 : Arizona is one of America's worst COVID-19 hotspots. But Gov. Doug Ducey doesn't care since Latinos and other minorities are the ones hit hardest.

@LaraLeaTrump : It’s going to be a long ride to victory next year, but here in Arizona, Latinos for Trump is going to come through again.

Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff who was accused of bias against Latinos, has been ousted by voters

The pardon infuriates many Latinos in Arizona, which could spell trouble for the Republican Party

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