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‘Flex the curiosity muscle’: Community podcast Afikra dives deep into Arabic culture #breakingnews 

"We assess that #SaudiArabia 's Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman approved an operation in Istanbul, Turkey to capture or kill Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi." 👉 #MBSkilledKhashoggi  is trending under the Arabic hashtag: #مبس_قاتل_خاشقجي

The report says the Rapid Intervention Force, which includes Saud al-Qahtani, acts ONLY with orders from MBS. Al-Qahtani tweeted this in Arabic after Khashoggi's murder. He said: "Do you think we act without approval from above? " But the 🌏 looked the other way. #مبس_قاتل_خاشقجي

i need to say kteer more often to fellow arabic speakers it would mean a lot to them

Well, have you had a coffee with sugar today? #MeettheGermans  explains why that's pretty Arabian, with a gallery of everyday terms that originated in the Arabic language - and an interview with classical philologist Andreas Unger. 👉

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I mean, arguably AJ Arabic is a right wing news channel

672 people took our Mother Language Day#IMLD  quiz! The winners are: 🏅Muhammad ( EG mother tongue Arabic) 🏅Cristian ( IT mother tongue Italian) 🏅Xuelun ( CN mother tongue Chinese) 🏅Efehi ( NG mother tongue English) 🏅Swaprabha ( IN mother tongue Bengali)

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IN many places, including Nigeria, that which are Arabic and Islamic have been conflated and even combined to mean the thing - the clothes and robes, the hijab, purdah, etc., in a way that is not common to other religions and everyday aspects of life in…


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This is beautiful. Beethoven’s Ode to Joy sang in Arabic by Lebanese protesters. ??

Why does Barack Obama's ring have an arabic inscription? Who is this guy?

Word of the day: TASLEEK (arabic'>Saudi Arabic) - to nod along and pretend you care what another person is saying

Asia Was our dream ? still in the dream ? I will celebrate all year with my Arabic coffee #TheLionKing  ? ?

The Trump administration deported 41-year-old Detroit man Jimmy Aldaoud to Iraq — he'd never been to Iraq, spoke no Arabic, and couldn't access his insulin. He died on Tuesday.

?? Lost 3-1 to Qatar in the Asian Cup Final. ? Cleaned the dressing room, left the floor spotless... ?...and left a “Thank You” note in English, Arabic and Japanese. ? Pure class from Japan. ??

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At the airport and this white guy has been yelling (at the top of his lungs!) for 20 mins, storming around and throwing fits. Whole terminal looking. No staff stepped to do a thing or try to calm the situation. Now, let that man have been Muslim and speaking Arabic…

Welcome to Russia ahead of the #WorldCupDraw ! ?? congratulates Iran in Farsi ?? sends greetings to Egypt in Arabic ?? wishes a warm welcome 32 players welcoming 32 teams ?