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In early 2021, four Syrian journalists – who had settled in Spain – launched the country’s first refugee-run online magazine, Baynana, dedicated to serving Spain’s growing Arabic-speaking community. @baynanaes 

Meet @DianaAlsindy , the woman who's teaching young people about science and space, in Arabic

Men can be reluctant to seek help with mental health issues, including those from refugee backgrounds. A new mentoring program for Arabic-speaking men in Sydney hopes to help change that.

Who’s Who: Ahmad Ghazi Darwish, the chief administrative officer of The Red Sea Development Co. and Amaala, is also the official Arabic spokesperson for TRSDC with the Saudi national media

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Blend of Turkic, Arabic, Indian culture, South Indian city offers unique dish #etribune 

Twitter allows Arabic users to be addressed in the feminine

Twitter allows Arabic users to be addressed in the feminine #jakpost 

Twitter allows Arabic users to be addressed in the feminine

Join us in two hours. Helene’s book has everything: materials science, delivery-boy research, the Titanic, golems, jinnis, skyscrapers, tenement rooftops, the dawn of culinary science, the khhh sound in Arabic and Hebrew, and much more.


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Air strike hits Syrian hospital treating victims of suspected chemical attack, doctor tells BBC Arabic

Here's the moment when Al arabic'>Jazeera Arabic televised the Israeli bombing of the building where it operated in Gaza City. The AP and other media outlets also had offices there. Israeli forces warned people to evacuate the building – thus, the multiple live shots of it collapsing.

As fighting between Palestinians and Israel intensifies, a building in Gaza city collapsed during live BBC Arabic TV report after being hit by an Israeli airstrike

Arabic is the world's most beautiful language. There's no getting around this basic fact. The same letters من can create such a wonderful sentence, with each word conveying different meanings of "giving" and "gifts."

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Spot the difference. Erdogan in English: Hagia Sophia's doors will be, as is the case with all our mosques, wide open to all, whether they be foreign or local, Muslim or non-Muslim. Erdogan in Arabic: Revival of Hagia Sophia is a sign towards return of freedom to AlAqsa mosque.

BBC Arabic journalist Maryem Taoumi was conducting an interview when the explosion in Beirut took place She was knocked over by the force of the blast but is safe Warning: Contains upsetting scenes

Betelgeuse is the star's common name — Arabic for "Armpit of the Great One". Its catalog name is Alpha Orionis. Two thirds of all stars in the night sky with names have Arabic names. An homage to their "stellar" navigational skills 1000 years ago, during the Golden Age of Islam.

?Beyond LIVE subtitle languages: ?Korean/French/ Spanish/ Italian/ Russian/ German/ English/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Thai/ Vietnamese/ Indonesian/Arabic #SUPERJUNIOR_BeyondLIVE  #Beyond_The_SUPERSHOW  #슈퍼주니어 #SUPERJUNIOR  #Beyond_LIVE  #NAVER  #VLIVE 

So many memes of this video but it's actually what is called a "zaghrouta" — which was paying homage to her Arabic heritage: