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Follow #PopeFrancisinIraq  in his historic visit to the troubled country on Arab News

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Arab News has won 5 awards in the 3rd edition of the #newspaperdesigncompetition  First place in Best Page One. Second place in Best of Infographics and one Honorable Mention. Two Honorable Mentions in Best of #COVID19 :

“I truly believe that everything you ever want is on the other side of fear,” Nabulsi told Arab News. “Most people don’t do the things in life they would like to be doing because of fear. I say OK, feel that fear — but go ahead anyway.” @farah_nabulsi 

Arabic music streaming service Anghami says it will list on Nasdaq after agreeing to merge with a SPAC at a valuation of $230M @shanemcg3  / Arab News)

SPAC deal... Spotify competitor Anghami to become first Arab tech company to list on Nasdaq $VMAC More 'SPAC News ($)

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#FranklySpeaking  : “If OPEC+ had not taken a leadership role during the oil crisis last year it would have been a much more painful period” Secretary General of International Energy Forum @ief_sg  tells Arab News | Full Episode:

Senior fellow at #HudsonInstitution  @MPPregent  tells Arab News US President @JoeBiden  has given Iran a free reign to threaten aggression in the Middle East

#FranklySpeaking  : the International Energy Forum Secretary General @ief_sg  to Arab News: “Saudi Arabia and the EU have recognized that wind and solar cannot achieve energy transition alone and that they have to invest in hydrogen” | Read more:

Volatile Turkey-Iran ties could worsen over Iraq, with #Turkey  seeing a rising security threat from the #PKK , while #Iran ’s relationship with #IraqiKurdistan  has a positive moment, Oxford academician @SamRamani2  tells Arab News

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#LISTEN @ErosSTX  chief talks to Arab News about making and distributing films durin #COVID19 


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The United Arab Emirates has been removed from the UK's travel corridor list with arrivals needing to isolate for 10 days from 4am Tuesday For more on this and other news visit

The fourth Arab-Israeli agreement in just a few months is an incredible achievement thanks to strong U.S. leadership. Full diplomatic relations between two friends, #Morocco  and #Israel  is great news for the U.S. as well as for stability and peace in the Middle East and beyond.

I watched the beginning of the 5:00 CNN coverage of the signing ceremony. It was amazing. The big news out of this new Arab-Israeli rapprochement was apparently that people at the ceremony weren't wearing masks or social distancing.

Breaking News: Israel will suspend plans to annex disputed West Bank territory as part of a deal to normalize relations with the United Arab Emirates

HUGE news at this hour - @realDonaldTrump  announcing a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Netanyahu to speak soon as well.

BREAKING: Palestinians are recalling their ambassador from the United Arab Emirates after the UAE agreed to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel, the official Palestinian news agency says.

It's an honor to be endorsed by the Yemeni American News. We're building a movement in Michigan and across the country that brings Arab-American communities, and people of all backgrounds, together around a political system rooted in human rights for all.

We welcome the news of Pope Francis' visit to the United Arab Emirates next February - a visit that will strengthen our ties and understanding of each other, enhance interfaith dialogue and help us to work together to maintain and build peace among the nations of the world.

News of the incident at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third holiest site in Islam and central to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict, was largely overshadowed by a much larger blaze engulfing the Notre Dame Cathedral at the same time.

Breaking News: President Trump told Israeli and Arab leaders he would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, upending U.S. policy and risking unrest