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Here's what prospective undergraduates need to know about completing a college application.

Join a global community of 400+ trailblazers. Don't forget to submit your application for @Poynter 's Leadership Academy for Women in Media by Monday at midnight.

📌 The WTO's Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation is hiring a Training Officer. Find all the information here: 📅 Submit your application by 03 December.

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"By her actions, she has shown that she has a hard-headed appreciation of facts, data, economic realities, and their logical and consistent application. She knows how to build and maintain critical relationships when seeking to achieve important goals."

'The British tradition is that the people tell the Government what it's allowed to do, not the other way around' Tory MP Sir Graham Brady is unhappy at the Government's application of tiers and wider handling of the Covid crisis. @IainDale 

Nigeria’s Supreme Court dismissed an application by Royal Dutch Shell’s local unit to review a $467-million award for damages caused by an oil spill half a century ago

@TJHayter  The delivery rate for post items has slowed down. It makes perfect sense to adjust postal vote application deadlines to match the change in postal services, as Queensland has done.

@TJHayter  The closing application date should be earlier so we aren't sending out postal votes that are almost certain to arrive late. The fewer live ballot papers floating around after polling day the better for election security.

Govt To Launch Mobile App For #CoronavirusVaccine  Distribution, Know The Features Of The Application Here

Few students applying, but to more schools: Those are the indicators from early-admissions deadlines about how this college application season is shaping up


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#BLACKPINK ‘How You Like That’ SNOW STICKER To celebrate the release of BLACKPINK’s new song ‘How You Like That’, a special sticker has been created with the application SNOW! Take a video on SNOW using the ‘How You Like That’ sticker! #블랙핑크 #HowYouLikeThat  #SNOW  #YG 

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The ultimate source of a happy life is warmheartedness. Even animals display some sense of compassion. When it comes to human beings, compassion can be combined with intelligence. Through the application of reason, compassion can be extended to all 7 billion human beings.

Records president has not released (a partial list): --Tax records. --Draft board records. --Medical records. --Passport application and records. --College transcripts. --Business records. --Wife’s immigration records. --White House visitor logs.

New transcripts show that James Comey’s FBI sought dirt on the Trump Campaign less than TWO WEEKS before the 2016 election. The information received cleared POTUS of wrongdoing, but the FBI failed to update their bogus #FISA  application! Wow.

If Democrats want transparency, then let’s be transparent. Release the Carter Page FISA application. Release the Bruce Ohr 302s. Release all the “Gang of Eight” information. If Democrats want the truth, let’s get the WHOLE truth.

We applaud the President’s decision to declassify portions of the Page FISA application and communications from the key people at the FBI and DOJ who ran the Russia investigation: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Ohr. Transparency is a good thing.

Americans want to know. The President should declassify key documents Congress has requested first thing in the New Year: -Carter Page FISA application -Bruce Ohr 302s -McCabe memos -Text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page

You spied on their reporters, seized phone records and personal emails and declared James Rosen an enemy of the state. Holder himself signed the secret search warrant application.

An absolutely shameful attempt at voter suppression. Spread the word to voters in Georgia: if you or someone you know has a “pending” status, you can still vote if you bring your ID that matches the registration application.

Good. Walk out. Get suspended. Write your college application essay about it.