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Rentbrella is an umbrella-sharing app that allows customers to borrow an umbrella from an automated kiosk and use it free of charge for 24 hours ☂️

Places like New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Louisiana are among the handful of states where residents can access their Covid-19 vaccination info through an app on their smartphones.

WANTED: Two suspects are on the loose after burglarizing a pawn store in Moab.

St. John Vianney's big weekend, which it saw it defeat three state ranked teams, enables it to move back to No. 2 in the APP Wrestling Top 10

| Telecoms giants band together to fight vandalism after nearly R300 million in damage in 2021: The theft of back-up batteries from telecommunication towers, copper cables and mobile handsets in store robberies are some of the…

Wednesday’s briefing from Switzerland – also available on the SWI Plus app for Android and iPhone .

BREAKING: Justice Stephen Breyer is planning to retire from the Supreme Court, according to multiple reports. More in the app

Walmart Acquires Two Fintechs In Quest To Become A Financial Services Super App

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Mass merchant @amazon  Inc. recently announced it plans to open a physical #apparel  store in Los Angeles later this year. The store will be a hybrid of a typical apparel store and a showroom. by @AprilBertheneIR 

An 'Unpacking' clone topped the App Store charts before it was pulled

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Things that didn’t exist on Christmas 20 years ago: iPhone Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter TikTok Android Bitcoin Tesla iPad Gmail Netflix streaming Amazon Prime SpaceX Slack Reddit WhatsApp Messenger Google Maps Snapchat LinkedIn Pinterest Chrome Skype Spotify Airbnb Uber

Facebook-owned Whatsapp being down is a reminder that you and your friends should probably be using a more private, non-profit alternative like @whispersystems  anyway (or another open-source app of your choice). It's just as free, and takes like 30 seconds to swi #facebookdownch .

A black family tried to get the attention of the police to protect a neighborhood store in Van Nuys and were immediately handcuffed.

I have no idea who did this, but if you know, find them and tag them. One of the best things I’ve seen on this app this week

During this crisis, our grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, transit and utility workers—along with so many others—have been selflessly getting up every day to make sure we have the things we need. And for that, we say thank you.

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Macy’s at 34th. Street, long the largest single department store anywhere in the world, & a point of pride in NYC, was devastated yesterday when hoodlums and thieves vandalized it, breaking almost all of its large panels of storefront glass. What a shame. Bring in National Guard!

Karen gets upset that a store won't let her shop without a protective facemask. She then tried to pretend like she's the victim, despite the store giving her options. This is pure arrogance. #COVIDIDIOTS  #COVID19 

Thank you to the medical professionals, grocery store employees, delivery drivers, pharmacy workers, mail carriers, firefighters, police, nursing home employees, and everyone else who is working to save lives and keep us all going right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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