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There are only five people in New York capable of fixing antique jukeboxes. Unless they can find someone to carry on their line of work, it might go extinct.

Reno antique gift shop damaged in downtown riot one day after reopening.

BLK MKT Vintage wants to be the “Blackest antique store there ever was."

Nature alone is antique and the oldest art a mushroom. Thomas Carlyle

Deputy Speaker and Antique lone district Rep. Loren Legarda campaigns against the use of tobacco products; scores the tobacco companies for acting as vaccine developer and PPE donor just to get tax privileges and exemptions. | via @chailuci 

(French) A growing appetite for neo-antique furniture has led to a surge in demand for rosewood, but it is illegal to cut down rosewood trees in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For @CongoDurable , grantee @MUKALENGM  reports.

Snohomish Police are asking for your help to ID a suspect who smashed the glass at Antique Warehouse on April 29th and then destroyed a large model airplane worth $1200 when he tried to force it through the door. @PoliceSnohomish  @CrimeStopPuget  @catchwmw 

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@tressiemcphd  reminds me of when i joined a richmond-based photo group for an expedition to an old antique store which the organizer failed to mention had a whole display section of Nazi paraphernalia

Antique and classic automobiles fill the new Goober's Garage in Wilmington. The collection is owned by local car buff Vance Kershner. Next to the garage will be Goober's Diner, which is expected to open in July.


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This is an antique safe from France with a special lock mechanism

To the guy who just changed the treadmill tv from music videos to antique roadshow, you're lucky I'm in a good mood.

Thieves have broken into Germany’s largest collection of historic treasures and stolen a cache of antique jewellery and precious stones with a total reported value of a billion euros

In unique setting that highlights #AlessandroMichele ’s taste for the unconventional and the antique, @Harry_Styles  appears in the new #GucciTailoring  the full campaign video . #GucciPreFall19 

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I broke an antique spoon :)

This notes reads like an antique from a kinder, gentler America that’s now ancient history. But it was written only 25 years ago.

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Discovering the #GucciCruise20  show invite in at Antica Libreria Cascianelli where the invitees received a package containing an antique book—the invite to the show held at the Capitoline Museums. Watch the show live tomorrow at 8pm . #AlessandroMichele 

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i refuse to touch anything in antique shops because i don't wanna get sucked into anybody's horcrux

Crowdsourcing: Discovered this antiqueZippo Lighter that may have belonged to someone in the Vietnam War who served in Tay Ninh in 1967-68. Would like to return to its rightful owner! Please share to help get this back to Ben Middleton.

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Can't wait for the new iPhone 5. I've had this mint condition, perfectly good, antique iPhone 4 for over a year now. Embarrassing.