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Zacks: Brokerages Anticipate Front Yard Residential Co. $RESI Will Post Earnings of $0.12 Per Share

Zacks: Brokerages Anticipate The Middleby Co. $MIDD Will Post Earnings of $1.02 Per Share

In the world we live in today, companies need to quickly react to change—and to anticipate it. Sponsored by @awscloud 

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Zacks: Analysts Anticipate National General Holdings Corp $NGHC to Announce $0.71 EPS


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BREAKING: Dido Harding locked out of house after failing to anticipate need for key to get back in.

It’s becoming rather obvious the Dems had a bad night last night and anticipate having a very bad week. The message at the RNC convention was one of inclusion, optimism, patriotism, & the potential of the American dream. It’s a shame anyone would find that sentiment offensive

Anticipate success. Work harder than you ever have.

Team West update: LTC West is resting and in stable condition. We anticipate him being released tomorrow and heading home. Thank you for your prayers and support. He will be taking a week off to recoup and looks forward to seeing you all again soon. #PrayersForAllen 

Pence on Coronavirus tests moments ago: "We don’t have enough tests today to meet what we anticipate will be the demand going forward.”

The widespread failure to anticipate the deadly spread of Covid 19 can be traced largely to one thing: China’s mendacity from the start. The extent of it, catalogued here by @jimgeraghty ⁩, is stunning.

Someone please tell me why voters in Texas and California have to wait in endless lines to vote. Was it really that hard for voting officials to anticipate these numbers? Voting shouldn't be like trying to get into a rock concert or sports event. It's a right.

Great progress being made in our Trade Negotiations with Japan. Agriculture and beef heavily in play. Much will wait until after their July elections where I anticipate big numbers!

....We do not anticipate a problem with the vote but, if for any reason the approval is not forthcoming, Tariffs will be reinstated!

Best news we’ve heard so far come from David Ortiz’s father, Leo Ortiz, who told reporters gathered at the clinic that David is currently resting after surgery and that no organs were affected by the bullet. He said the doctors anticipate full recovery. #BigPapi