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An ultra-conservative Hungarian politician in the country’s anti-LGBT party has been caught by police at a gay sex orgy, and breaching Covid-19 rules.

‘Anti LGBT’. As predictable as night following day. Headline of the day. Story of our times. The self-loathing of the homophobe.

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Married Hungarian MEP for anti-LGBT party fled 20-strong orgy jumping out window

Democratic donors split over anti-LGBT school board member Leslie Ellison in Orleans Parish race via @kaylee_poche 

Anti-LGBT ‘arsonist’ requests asylum in Russia claiming he is target of ‘extremist’ Brazilian gay community

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Every young person deserves to learn without fear of discrimination and harassment. With almost half of LGBT young people in England not feeling safe at school, now is not the time to end funding to prevent anti-LGBT bullying.

Anti-LGBT bullying can have a serious impact on young people's mental health, the effects of which can be carried right the way through a person's life. We call on the Government to recommence vital funded work to eradicate anti-LGBT bullying in every school.

LGBT groups criticise cuts to anti-LGBT bullying projects: ‘We can’t leave students to suffer in silence’

“School LGBT bullying projects axed by government” Projects quoted as costing £4m since 2014. Perhaps we’ve forgotten the school side anti-LGBT protests circa 2019? ❤️🏳️‍🌈


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An ‘unbreakable’ rainbow installation made of light and water was set up in Warsaw, Poland for #Pride  to replace a rainbow sculpture that was repeatedly vandalized by anti-LGBT groups.

people bring anti-LGBT religious propaganda to my concerts a lot and it’s like, I feel like I’ve done enough good in the world that God’s gonna forgive me for eating some pussy.

India's Supreme Court just decriminalized gay sex. It's a historic ruling that overturns more than 150 years of anti-LGBT legislation.

Coachella owner personally gave $187,300 to anti-LGBT and anti-abortion politicians in 2017.

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Mike Pence: a divisive, anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-worker extremist. No wonder Trump picked him. #VPDebate 

Donald Trump chose one of the most anti-LGBT politicians in the country to be his Vice President. #RNCinCLE 

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tomorrow, 4/15, is @GLSEN’s#DayofSilence  and im standing with all students to end anti-LGBT bullying and harassment

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Not according to your anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant @GOP  platform. #RNCinCLE